Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Hong Kong Cardinal John Tong has suspended all public Masses indefinitely until further notice over fear of a “third wave” of coronavirus.

After the Diocesan Chancery published the notice on Monday, Cardinal John Tong said the decision was made because “the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to deteriorate over the past two weeks and the Government will probably adopt even more stringent anti-pandemic measures soon.”

The measures ban all public Masses until further notice, while weddings can still be held with a 20 person limit and funerals have no limit on attendance.

While churches and chapels remain open for the Faithful to pray or participate in Adoration, temperature must be checked at the door, social distancing is strictly enforced, and masks must be worn.

The measures also encourage participation in online Masses, spiritual Communion, the Rosary, and Bible reflection.

The decision comes at time when coronavirus cases in Hong Kong are skyrocketing. Daily new cases have been in the triple digits for a week straight, with a new record of 145 new cases on Monday alone.

In response, the local government banned all gatherings of more than two people, closed all restaurants, and made face masks in public mandatory.

The strict measures start Wednesday and will last for seven days.

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