Cardinal George Pell will arrive back at the Vatican on Tuesday, his first time in Rome since 2017 when he left to stand trial and be acquitted in Australia.

Since his acquittal, Cardinal Pell has been living in the Archdiocese of Sydney but is now set to fly back to Rome on September 29th.

Pell’s return comes days after resigned-cardinal Becciu left his office and resigned the rights of the cardinalate following his connection to ongoing investigations of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and other financial crime at the Vatican.

Pell welcomed Becciu’s resignation, saying he hopes “the cleaning of the stables continues in both the Vatican and Victoria.”

“The Holy Father was elected to clean up Vatican finances. He plays a long game and is to be thanked and congratulated on recent developments.”

The news of Pell’s travel was first reported by the Melbourne newspaper Herald Sun. However, both the seminary where Pell currently resides and the Archdiocese of Sydney declined to comment on Pell’s travel plans.

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