At his Wednesday general audience last week, Pope Francis encouraged all to pray for migrants and refugees and learn more about their reality.

“Migration today is a reality to which we cannot close our eyes. It is a social scandal of humanity.”

To help accomplish Pope Francis’ plea, a QR code was placed on the “Angels Unawares” sculpture in Saint Peter’s Square, the first new sculpture in nearly 400 years placed there in 2019. The QR code gives access to a website in six languages explaining the purpose of the sculpture and Pope Francis’ teachings on migrants and refugees.

The website says the sculpture depicts “a group of migrants and refugees from different cultural and racial backgrounds and from diverse historic periods of time. They stand together, shoulder to shoulder, huddled on a raft. Within this diverse crowd of people, angel wings emerge from the center, suggesting the presence of the sacred among them.”

Cardinal Michael Czerny, undersecretary of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Vatican, explained the purpose of adding the QR code to the sculpture.

“We decided to combine cultural information and the teachings of the Church over the past few years, to help visitors go from being tourists to being pilgrims at the Vatican.”

Click here to visit the Vatican’s Angels Unawares website!

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