A study by the Pew Research Center found that out of all Christian denominations, Catholic sermons are the shortest at a median length of 14 minutes.

“Whoever gives the homily must be conscious that they are not doing their own thing, they are preaching, giving voice to Jesus, preaching the World of Jesus. They should be well prepared, please be brief…no more than 10 minutes, please! – Pope Francis

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center published their study entitled “The Digital Pulpit: A Nationwide Analysis of Online Sermons.” They analyzed nearly 50,000 sermons (and Catholic homilies) from Christian denominations across the United States in April and May.

Counting Catholic homilies as sermons, the study sampled 6,431 different churches with “online sermons” defined as “a portion of a religious service posted to a church website that contains a commentary from the pulpit but sometimes may include other parts of the service as well.”

The study found that Catholic homilies are the shortest of all Christian denominations at a median length of 14 minutes, compared to the average length of 37 minutes. Black Protestant sermons were the longest at a median length of 54 minutes, while mainline Protestant sermons had a median length of 25 minutes.

The study found 98% of Catholic homilies included the words “God” and “Jesus,” while 100% of Catholic sermons included was “say.” Mainline Protestant and Evangelical sermons included distinct phrases like “United Methodist,” “Gospel lesson,” “eternal hell,” and “absent body,” while historically Black sermons were 8x more likely to have “Hallelujah…Come.”

View the study on Pew’s website here.

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