Vatican Police Head Domenico Giani resigned after a memo leaked on officials suspended in connection with office raids over “financial transactions.”

Earlier this month, five Vatican officials were suspended after police raided offices of the Secretariat of State and the Financial Information Authority investigating complaints regarding “financial transactions,” seizing “documents and electronic devices.”

Italian magazine L’Espresso later published a leaked memo signed by the Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie Domenico Giani intended for the Swiss Guards who monitor access in and out of Vatican City. The memo included the names of the suspended officials with instructions to bar their entrance.

On Monday, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Giani after “twenty years of unquestionable faithfulness and loyalty” despite him bearing “no personal responsibility” in the leak.

The Holy See Press Office said he did so so “out of love for the Church and faithfulness to Peter’s Successor,” calling his resignation “an expression of freedom and institutional sensitivity.”

“In his farewell to Domenico Giani, the Holy Father thanked him for the extreme competence shown in the performance of his many sensitive tasks, also at international level, and for the undisputed professionalism he has brought to the Vatican Gendarmerie.”

Some say the resignation of Giani, who signed the order to raid Vatican offices, is to prevent further probing into the transactions.

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