After being closed to the public for nearly three months because of Italy’s coronavirus lock down, the Vatican Secret Archives are set to reopen as the country gradually eases its restrictions.

A “notice to researchers” on the official website for the Archivio Apostolico Vaticano says the records office will open once again on June 1st, and remain open until June 26th.

From 8:30 to 12:30, only 15 scholars will be permitted admittance into the study rooms of the Archives “in order to contain the Coronavirus infection,” measures similar to that with the also-reopening Vatican Museums.

After June 26th, the Archives will close for a summer break before opening once again on August 31st. When they reopen, they plan on initially admitting 25 scholars per day and changing the amount as time goes on.

The notice to researchers also says that any previous reservations to come to the Archives for research are cancelled, and all requests must be resubmitted.

The Apostolic Archives was formerly called the Vatican Secret Archives until Pope Francis instituted the name change last October.

People have long speculated that the Vatican Archives contains evidence of extraterrestrial life, or evidence disproving the historical existence of Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

But what really lies hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives?

Click here to read and learn more about its true contents.

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