On Stop Cyberbullying Day, Pope Francis and the Vatican will launch a 24 hour live broadcast to discuss solving online bullying with global experts.

Held on the third Friday of every June, the day brings together public figures, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions to defend the right to free speech and personal dignity. People show their support to end cyberbullying with the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY.

For this year, Pope Francis and his Scholas Occurrentes Foundation will run a special 24 hour live broadcast from the Vatican with the Cybersmile Foundation, the two “joining forces to tackle the global problem of cyberbullying and online abuse through awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, global research and civic engagement.”

“Everybody at Cybersmile is proud and excited to welcome the involvement of Pope Francis in Stop Cyberbullying Day activities. Today feels like a huge step forward for Cybersmile, Stop Cyberbullying day and the world’s digital citizens.”

Over 130 experts from over 20 countries around the globe will join the broadcast, including representatives from UNICEF and the University of London.

The event will begin 12pm EST on June 21st, and can be viewed live here on the Scholas Occurrentes website.

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