Speaking to the emergency session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the situation in Afghanistan, Vatican diplomat Monsignor John Putzer called on all countries to uphold “human dignity and fundamental rights of every person” and “move from declaration to action” by taking in refugees from Afghanistan.

“At this critical time, it is of vital importance to support the success and safety of humanitarian efforts within the country, in a spirit of international solidarity, so as not to lose the progress that has been made, especially in the areas of healthcare and education.”

Putzer said the Holy See is following the situation in Afghanistan with “great concern,” hoping for a “peaceful and swift resolution.”

“The Holy See remains convinced that inclusive dialogue represents the most powerful tool for achieving such peace and calls on the entire international community to move from declaration to action by welcoming refugees in a spirit of human fraternity.”

Representative from the Christian group ADF International added at the meeting that more need to recognize the “dire plight of religious minority communities in Afghanistan.”

“Among them are an estimated 10,000 Christians, many of whom ‘guilty’ of converting from Islam — a crime punishable by death under Sharia law.”

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