A surveillance video shows the harrowing moments when a shirtless man entered into the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in NYC and threatened to kill a nun who had been praying in the church.

Sister Maria Amador, who is Mother Superior of her convent, was sitting by herself at a pew in prayer when the shirtless man entered the Church. “When I saw him I thought he was a little strange and maybe he needed help,” she said.

“He came up to me and said, ‘I don’t believe in this because you don’t help the poor.’”

When the nun did not respond out of fear, he became agitated. As Sister Amador looked around for help, she spotted a woman in another pew.

“I started to look at the woman trying to say, ‘OK, I need help,’” she said. “But he said, ‘She can’t help you and I am going to kill you.’”

That’s when the Sister Maria took off running towards the altar, yelling for help.

“I thought this is my last day,” Sister Maria Amador told reporters. “Thank God I am safe and I could run away.”

The suspect quickly left and while investigators search for the man, Sister Amador is extending her compassion, despite the threats made against her.

“I can say, ‘OK, I forgive you,’” she said.

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