Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for February, urging the Faithful to pray for the religious sisters and consecrated women.

Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network of the Apostleship of Prayer developed “The Pope Video” initiative in 2016 as a way to spread the Holy Father’s monthly prayer intentions on the challenges humanity faces in a video based format.

For the month of February, Pope Francis shared his prayer intention that we “pray for religious sisters and consecrated women; thanking them for their mission and their courage. may they continue to find new responses to the challenges of our times.”

Pope Francis has accompanied his video with an official prayer to help you pray for his monthly intention:

“Thank you Lord! Thank you! We come to thank you
for the lives of so many generous and courageous religious and consecrated women,
who have chosen to follow you and serve your mission of compassion.
We pray for them that you will help them to live
in the joy of the Holy Spirit, faithful to your love.
Help us, Father, to pay attention to this mission
indispensable for the Church,
and thank them for their commitment to education and healthcare,
and advocacy for the poorest and most vulnerable.
May Mary, our Mother, place them with your Son Jesus
close to his heart, and may they never lack
the appreciation and fraternal affection of all.

Accompanied with the Holy Father’s intention are his “Attitudes” for the month of February:

Express Gratitude
“The world needs hope and gratitude, with this attitude of saying thanks, we transmit a little hope” (Pope Francis). Do you thank your brothers and sisters for what you receive from them? I will give thanks even for little things, especially to the women I encounter.

“In our existence, more than one person has looked at us with pure eyes, free of charge. Often they are educators, catechists, people who have carried out their role beyond the measure required by duty ”(Pope Francis). How do I express the value I place on others? I will express how much the lives of those I love mean to me, especially those close to me.

“The world (is divided) into two: those who do not give thanks and who give thanks; those who take everything as if it were owed to him, and those who accept everything as a gift, as grace” (Pope Francis). Am I aware of the voluntary service that many women provide in my community? I will look and be especially grateful for religious and consecrated women.

“Let us not stop thanking: if we are bearers of gratitude, the world also becomes better” (Pope Francis). I will regard with respect and affection the dedication of many religious and consecrated women, and I will try to know their mission to get to know them better.

Pay attention
“When you give thanks, you express the certainty of being loved. And this is a big step: having the certainty of being loved” (Pope Francis). I will look for reasons every day to give thanks for the mission of the nuns and of all consecrated women in the tasks they accomplish in the home and care of the children that they carry out, and in their other responsibilities in the world of work, education, and healthcare. 

Read below the full prayer intention of Pope Francis, and watch “The Pope Video” for February:

“This month, we will pray in a special way for religious sisters and consecrated women.

What would the Church be without religious sisters and consecrated laywomen? The Church cannot be understood without them.

I encourage all consecrated women to discern and choose what is best for their mission in the face of the world’s challenges that we’re experiencing.

I exhort them to keep working and to have an impact with the poor, with the marginalized, with all those who are enslaved by traffickers; I especially ask them to make an impact on this.

And let us pray that they may show the beauty of God’s love and compassion as catechists, theologians, and spiritual guides.

I invite them to fight when, in some cases, they are treated unfairly, even within the Church; when they serve so much that they are reduced to servitude —at times, by men of the Church.

Do not be discouraged. May you keep making God’s goodness known through the apostolic works you do. But above all through your witness of consecration.

Let us pray for religious sisters and consecrated women, thanking them for their mission and their courage; may they continue to find new responses to the challenges of our times.

Thank you for what you are, for what you do, and for how you do it.”

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