During his Wednesday morning general audience at the Paul VI Hall, Pope Francis allowed a sick girl to have free run of the stage while he gave his address.

Almost 20 minutes into his address, a young girl suffering from an illness wearing a pink t-shirt that read “Love” near the front of the hall got away from her mother and walked up the marble stage.

Pope Francis signaled to his security to let her stay. She ran back and forth, jumping and clapping. She returned to her mother who tried to keep her still, but she eventually got away again prompting applause from the audience.

“This poor girl is a victim of an illness and she does not know what she is doing.”

The Holy Father asked all in attendance to pray for the girl, using the moment to teach we must always pray for those suffering.

“I ask one thing and everyone should respond in their own heart. Did I pray for her when I saw her? Did I pray so the Lord heals her and protects her? Did I pray for her parents and her family? When we see a person who is suffering, we must pray. This situation should help us always ask this question.”

You can read Pope Francis’ full address here.

Watch below when the girl takes the stage at the Paul VI Audience Hall:

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