Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for July, urging the Faithful to pray for maritime workers and their families.

Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network of the Apostleship of Prayer developed “The Pope Video” initiative in 2016 as a way to spread the Holy Father’s monthly prayer intentions on the challenges humanity faces in a video based format.

For the month of July, Pope Francis shared his prayer intention for all “who work and live from the sea, among them sailors, fishermen and their families.”

Pope Francis has accompanied his video with an official prayer so you can pray for his monthly intention:

Lord Jesus,
You called fishermen to be your disciples,
and you look with love upon all
those who live and work at sea.
Touch our hearts so that we can be watchful
of their needs– these our brothers and sisters and their families.
Help us to be more aware of the challenges and dangers they face,
and send your Spirit on those who can give them
better conditions for safe work and fair pay.
Support them and protect them in their difficulties,
And watch over their families,
and that in us they can find support and help.
Our Father… 

Accompanied with the Holy Father’s intention are his proposals for the month of July:

      • At meals, give thanks– as a family or in community– for those who labor so that food reaches our tables; may we see in them the face of God’s love for us.
      • We can also learn more about the working conditions and the reality of the people who live from the sea and their families. This may awaken us to a deeper knowledge of the problems and challenges they face.
      • Finally, we can learn about different organizations that help fishermen and sailors in their difficulties. How can we help? How can we better recognize the dignity of their work? Can we cooperate with these institutions? For example, check out The Apostolate of the Sea: aos-usa.org/

Read below the full prayer intention of Pope Francis, and watch “The Pope Video” for July:

The life of sailors or fishermen and their families is very difficult.

Sometimes they are victims of forced labor or are left behind in distant ports. The competition of industrial fishing and the problem of pollution make their work even more complicated.

Without the people of the sea, many parts of the world would starve.

Let us pray for all those who work and live from the sea, among them sailors, fishermen and their families.

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  1. Saint Patrick, kidnapped by pirates, pray for us. Especially for those who are vulnerable at sea, the young and the old and the uneducated. Free them from all that restrains them. Replenish the oceans and rivers and lakes after so many decades of pollution and greed. Grant those who rely on marine life, dignity and fair access. Bless the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, With prosperity. Protect Haida Gwai and the vulnerable parts of the west coast, and the Arctic Inuit communities. Amen.

  2. They toil day and night. Fluvial, coastal, riverine, and overseas activities are full of challenges of all types. May maritime workers and their loved ones be blessed with security, peace, and prosperity.


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