Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for June, urging the Faithful to pray for all who are suffering.

Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network of the Apostleship of Prayer developed “The Pope Video” initiative in 2016 as a way to spread the Holy Father’s monthly prayer intentions on the challenges humanity faces in a video based format.

For the month of June, Pope Francis shared his prayer intention that “all those who suffer may find their way in life, allowing themselves to be touched by the Heart of Jesus.”

Pope Francis has accompanied his video with an official prayer so you can pray for his monthly intention:

“Lord Jesus, gentle and humble in heart.
It is in You that we find rest for our agitations
and the healing that frees us from evil and our selfishness.
Full of faith, we ask You:
Make our hearts like Yours,,
full of mercy and compassion,
able to forgive
and give meaning and joy to those who need it most,
especially for those who live in greater suffering.
Make each of us,
members of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network,
true disciples and apostles
of his mission of compassion for the world.
Our Father…

Accompanied with the Holy Father’s intention are his proposals for the month of June:

    • Energize the celebrations of the Heart of Jesus that are organized in your community, collaborating with the pastor or the parish priest, participating with all its members and motivating them, during the month, and in their novena, Triduum or Solemnity.
    • Internalize more the “The Way of the Heart” program, through the website and Social Networks of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and its various digital or paper platforms, and find ways to do so, individually or in groups.
    • Throughout the month, assume a more explicit and conscious commitment to show, with your own life, the feelings of the Heart of Jesus, in a special way towards those who suffer the most. 

Read below the full prayer intention of Pope Francis, and watch “The Pope Video” for June:

Many people suffer due to the great difficulties they endure.

We can help them by accompanying them along an itinerary full of compassion which transforms people’s lives.

It brings them closer to the Heart of Christ, which welcomes all of us into the revolution of tenderness.

We pray that all those who suffer may find their way in life, allowing themselves to be touched by the Heart of Jesus.

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