On Saturday, Pope Francis made his second TED appearance in a video message to the “Countdown” summit on finding solutions to climate change.

“We live in a historic moment marked by difficult challenges. Science tells us, with more precision every day, that urgent action is needed – and I am not exaggerating, this is what the science says – if we are to have any hope of avoiding radical and catastrophic climate change.”

He called for a more “integral ecology, a new concept of relating between ourselves and nature” as a solution to climate change.

“Yes, love is interpersonal, but love is also political. It involves all peoples and it involves nature. Every one of us can play a valuable role if we all of us join this journey today. Not tomorrow, today. Because the future is constructed today, and it is not constructed alone, but in community and in harmony.”

He also made an “urgent” invitation for all to “undertake this journey” in learning how to “care for our common home.”

“It will be necessary to go step by step, to help the weak, to persuade the doubters, to imagine new solutions and to commit to carrying them out. But the goal is clear: to build, in the next decade, a world where we can respond to the needs of present generations, including everyone, without compromising the possibilities of future generations.”

Watch Pope Francis’ full “Ted Talk” message below:

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  1. We need to prepare the Planet for the generations that will come. Care for our common home is a responsibility second to none.

  2. Ecce Crucem Domini!
    Fugite partes adversae!
    Vicit Leo de tribu Juda,
    Radix David! Alleluia!
    Saint Anthony pray for us. Amen.
    Dignity of Life in the unborn and elderly must never be lumped in with any social or scientific issue. It stands alone. Reparation for offences against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus is of utmost priority for the Faithful. Conversion of hearts to Christ Crucified is hope, for the Church and the world. Until greed, vanity,arrogance and selfishness is transformed, the earth will continue to decay.

      • I care more about a turtle choking on a plastic straw than many of my neighbours, but disobedience to Our Lady of Fatima (103 anniversary today) and slaughter of innocents brings God’s mighty wrath. To turn the tide of the demonic can heal the land in an instant, if it’s God’s will. Truth is not subject to opinion thankfully, and science or reason without Faith falls short.


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