During a live television broadcast of Sunday morning Mass by EWTN, a man screaming profanities rushed the altar, interrupting the priest during Communion.

EWTN airs around the clock Catholic themed programming, regularly broadcasting celebrations of Mass. Yesterday they held a live broadcast of Sunday Mass from EWTN’s studios in Irondale, Alabama, celebrated by Father Wade Menezes. As Father Menezes was saying the Eucharistic prayer, a belligerent man rushed the altar screaming obscene language.

The unidentified man yelled “this is it!” and other unintelligible profanities, charging the altar as Father Menezes lifted the Communion chalice. Security quickly detained the man and removed him from the building while Menezes remained calm before proceeding with Mass.

After the incident, CEO of EWTN Michael Warsaw released a statement, requesting prayers for the man:

“On Sunday, November 4th during the 7:00 a.m. live televised Mass on EWTN, an individual caused a disturbance in the chapel and attempted to approach the altar. The man was immediately removed from the chapel by EWTN security personnel. He was subsequently detained by the Irondale Police Department and a trespass warning was issued. No one was injured and the Mass continued without further incident. We ask that our EWTN family keep this individual in their prayers.”

Watch below the moment as the man rushes the altar:


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