According to Father Roberto Colombo, a member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, wearing a mask at Mass is a sign of “pastoral charity.”

Masks and vaccines allow “elderly or frail people to participate in community celebrations in safety for their health.”

“We are now grappling with a new wave of infections that we must face with no less commitment and responsibility than before, taking into account two factors of reality that were not present in the spring of last year.”

Wearing a mask represents “a mandatory requirement for the promotion of the fundamental good of health in the face of a modest discomfort in putting on the physical personal protective equipment.”

That pastoral charity of wearing a mask  “asks everyone – ministers and faithful – to be particularly attentive, even more so in the delicate situation of the current pandemic recovery, in the correct use of the mask.”

“Of course, it can be uncomfortable, especially for the elderly. But it is a small sacrifice that we can take to the altar as an offering acceptable to God for the good of all his children.”

Do you wear a mask at Mass?

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