A young cancer patient decided to surprise Pope Francis during his visit to Mexico’s Federico Gomez Pediatric Hospital . Despite her illness,the voice of the girl shinned through, as she sung the ‘Ave Maria’ for Pope Francis.
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  1. Very Beautiful. So pure coming from her, …no professional could touch that. But remember, though Mary was a privileged blessed woman, she is not ,was not holy. Only Jesus Christ himself deserves that title.

    • Mary, the mother of Jesus, the only son of God is Holy and above all other women ever born or ever will be born. She was the chosen one to bear him, and she was born without sin. Would God place his Son into the care of an unholy person to raise and teach him? She is not only Holy but the Queen of Heaven. Even her Husband Joseph is addressed as Holy St. Joseph. So is St. Michael. So are numerous Angels and Saints. All can become Holy if one lives the life God wants us to live and strive to attain that holiness. This does not mean any of us can ever attain equality with the Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The only being that ever tried that was thrown out of Heaven. God Bless.


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