Gospel Reflection For December 16, 2018 – Third Sunday of Advent


When you find success, always exalt the Lord Jesus. Father Burns reflects on the Gospel Readings for the Third Sunday of Advent.

These weekly gospel reflections are presented to you through a partnership with uCatholic and Spirit Juice Studios.

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  1. Please my saviour lord Jesus Christ forgive me my sins my weakness I ask for prayers to beat this evil addiction to fight temptation please brothers n sisters pray for me in my struggle against the evil temptations walk beside lord Jesuschridt I beg of you to bless us all

  2. Fr. Pontifex, You talk about the so called” attractive people” calling on God’s Mercy. You say we should all be like them and look to them. I disagree, it is wrong to use people who only grab the limelight for our models.. You forgot about all the people such as soldiers who work to keep our country free, the doctors and the nurses who heal our wounds and work to keep us healthy, the firefighter and medics who rescue us. These people are asking for God’ s Mercy and Grace in doing their important work here on Earth. I know they ask from personal experience. God Bless.


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