Saint Peregrine Laziosi was born in Forli, Italy, around 1265. At that time, Forli was governed by the Pope as part of the Papal States, and Peregrine grew up in a family that was actively involved in the opposition, or anti-papal party. Because of anti-papal activity, the city was under the church penalty of interdict, meaning that Mass and the Sacraments could not be celebrated there. St. Philip Benizi, Prior General of the Servants of Mary, went to Forli to preach reconciliation. Young Peregrine, very intense in his political fervor, not only heckled Philip during his preaching, but, in fact, struck him. Philip, instead of responding with anger and violence to the attack, turned and forgave Peregrine.

This encounter with Philip is said to have dramatically changed Peregrine. He began channeling his energy into good works and eventually joined the Servants of Mary in Siena, Italy. He returned to Forli, where he spent the rest of his life, dedicating himself to the sick, the poor, and those on the fringes of society. He also imposed on himself the penance of standing whenever it was not necessary to sit. This led to varicose veins, which later deteriorated into an open sore on his leg, and was eventually diagnosed as cancer.

St. Peregrine’s leg wound became so serious that the local surgeon decided to amputate the leg. The night before the surgery, Peregrine prayed before the image of the crucified Christ, and when he awoke, the wound was healed and his leg saved. He lived another 20 years, dying on May 1, 1345, and the age of about 80. Peregrine was canonized on December 27, 1726, and has been named the Patron Saint of those suffering from cancer.

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  1. Dear Saint Peregrine, I pray for the healing of my father, Antonio. May God bless him and heal his mind and body, I asked this in the name of Jesus.

  2. St. Peregrine, please pray for my mum’s healing from liver cancer. May our Almighty Father, ever living God heal my mum just as how He has healed you. Through Christ our Lord, amen.

  3. St.Peregrine, please pray for my son Joseph healing from stomach cancer May our Almighty Father ever living God heal my son just as he healed you. Through Christ our Lord AMEM.

  4. St. Peregrine, please pray to the Lord to heal my father from gallbladder cancer and to pray for family and friends as well. Give us the strength to overcome this obstacle that is impacting our lives.

  5. I pray for a dear friend of mine who has lung cancer, she was given 6 to nine months to live, please cure her, I beg you.

  6. Saint Peregrine, I ask for good news for my mother’s breast cancer. I ask that the tumor is shrinking that she will be able to have a safe removal . I also pray for all cancer patients and their families.

  7. St Peregrine please pray for the healing of Juliet Oguzie from breast cancer. As you obtained your healing from the Cruxified Christ, may she also received her own healing through Christ our Lord Amen

  8. St peregrine please pray for the my sister Linda healing of the cancer in her body true Christ or lord amen

  9. St. Peregrine, please pray for my mom to receive total healing of the cancer in her body. I ask for you to please pray for her as you prayed for the healing of your leg. May she be free of cancer so, she can bless others, and live to grow old with my dad, siblings, grandbabies and those closest our family.

  10. St.Peregrine I prayed to you to cure me of stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & now two years later I thank you & Mother Mary, & God for putting the right oncologist hematologist who now has become my friend.

  11. and St Peregine pleas pray for my husband Aldwyn who suddenly has heart, he had surgery about 25years ago and though we are still waiting on the report what looks prostate cancer please may he be healed God in HIS MERCY HEALED YOUR LEG thank you Amen

  12. St Perigrine please pray for my husband Ricky who have a cancer of the kidney and metastasized in the colon and part in liver had surgery recently , for complete healing fast recovery , strength, courage and to be strong in the name of Jesus. Amen

  13. For our beloved brother Peter B, lift his sprits, give strength for stem-cell transplant for MDS. A blood cancer

  14. Saint Peregrine, please watch over and intercede for all those suffering from this dreadful disease called cancer and for their family and loved ones. Praying for a miracle that God will direct our scientist’s and physicians to discover what causes all types of cancer and also find the cure.

  15. St. Peregrine Laziosi, please watch over and intercede for all those suffering cancer and for their family and loved ones.

  16. Saint Peregrine, pray for my Uncle Walter, who just got diagnosed with Colon Cancer (2 types) and will have to end up with a permanent Colostomy bag.


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