Tribute to Catholics of African Descent


A tribute to Catholics of African descent.

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  1. It is so disturbing to me that a church with Mother Katherine Drexel working so hard to help the blacks and a church that holda a collection just for the blacks and Indians could be so insensitive to Obama’s request for payment of birth control. I have read an article that the blacks are having too many abortions. Providing birth control is a way to stop the abortions. I know that in an ideal world birth control and abortion would not be needed. War would never exist and neither would poverty. I really think the church should try to go along with this as a way we all work together to help the blacks on this earth. I did not say that abortion is right or an option for myself but we live on this earth and we need to remember love of our neighbor which includes blacks. My great aunt was a member of the Mother Katherine Drexel order and I would like to think she would be proud of me asking for your mercy.

    • Hi. I’m sorry, but I was a little confused when you said abortion would end war and poverty. A lot of wars aren’t over population, or land rights, or things that birth control and abortion could apparently “fix”. Our problem with Iran and nuclear missles? Abortion isn’t going to get us out of that. And when something is wrong, like an evil, it’s not “love of neighbor”. Loving someone means doing what is best for them, what will make them eternally happy. And I promise you, if people knew what birth control actually does (abort babies and stop them from attaching to the uterus wall) they wouldn’t do it. And even if they did have abortions and use birth control, they wouldn’t be happy. Really eternally happy. If the Catholic Church, which was founded by Christ, says something is wrong, it’s wrong.Thank you for listening to me. God bless you! Maybe we can talk again sometime?:) My email is

  2. Mother Teresa said it best! As long as their is ABORTION their will be no peace in the world!
    If a Mother can kill her own child, what is left, for her to kill me or you? Nothing! ABORTION IS WRONG, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! This is an excellent tribute to Black Catholics! How interesting to find this out, not surprising tho, thank you for this video, very informative to the average Catholic such as I!


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