Building Acoustic Guitars with God


In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John are joined by a 3rd Generation Master Luthier, Jarrett Schaub. As we work to build up a culture of holy men, we are blessed to have Jarrett share with us how to build guitars and how God has affected his life as a guitar maker, husband, and father. Join us as we discuss the joys of music, family, faith, and leisure.

In this episode we discuss;

  • How to get started making guitars
  • How man needs leisure to become holy
  • The greatest moment in building guitars
  • Jarrett’s incredible conversion to Catholicism story
  • And More

Jarrett Schaub is a devout Catholic convert, husband, father, and third generation luthier hand-crafting custom acoustic guitars in Evergreen, Colorado.

Jarrett grew up in a large family of musicians, a heritage which began with his grandfather Reid Schaub—a talented guitarist who played for Buddy Holly during his college years in Lubbock, Texas. Reid later joined The Leon River Stump Jumpers before creating his own family band, which included his four children. The youngest, Jarrett’s father Roland, went on to lead a touring band in the 90’s, and he’s still playing venues in Texas today. Jarrett spent his childhood surrounded by guitars and live music, and by age 14 had mastered the guitar by playing along to his father’s cassette tape recordings. He eventually found himself on stage as well, touring as Jarrett Schaub and the Vagabonds for several years throughout Texas. He stepped away in 2012 to focus on his growing family.

Jarrett built his first guitar in 2002 in his grandfather’s guitar shop. Reid Schaub had been building acoustic guitars and mandolins since 1968, and he was eager to pass his wisdom on to future generations. For many years the Schaub family held weekly sessions in Reid’s guitar shop, with three generations of Schaub men learning and working together under one roof.

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