Fr. Gregory Pine on the Dominican Life and How to Understand Reality


In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, Sam and John are joined by a Dominican, Philosopher, and Gentleman: Fr. Gregory Pine. Fr. Pine discusses reality and how men need to conform themselves to it and not bend reality to their opinions. We learn about how to embrace our roles as men in society and how to live the Good Life among the joys and difficulties of life.

In this episode we discuss;

  • Evangelization in the modern world
  • The vocational discernment
  • St. Thomas Aquinas within the context of history
  • Happiness and how to live the Good Life
  • And more…

Fr. Gregory Pine is a Dominican friar of the Province of Saint Joseph. He is presently assigned as a doctoral candidate in dogmatic theology at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He served previously as the Assistant Director for Campus Outreach at the Thomistic Institute. He is the co-author of Marian Consecration with Aquinas and Credo: An RCIA Program (both TAN Books) and the author of Prudence: Choose Confidently, Life Boldly (Our Sunday Visitor). He is also a regular contributor to the podcasts Pints with Aquinas and Godsplaining.

Podcast – Godsplaining

Pre-Order Fr. Pine’s Book – Prudence: Choose Confidently, Life Boldly

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