The Miracle of Lanciano


The Miracle of Lanciano is officially recognized by the Catholic Church as a true Eucharistic Miracle. It was the first and greatest Eucharistic Miracle of the Catholic Church.

This wondrous Event took place in the 8th century A.D. in the little Church of St. Legontian in Lanciano, Italy, as a divine response to a Basilian monk’s doubt about Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist. During Holy Mass, after the two-fold consecration, the host was changed into Heart Tissue Flesh and the Wine was changed into Actual Blood, which coagulated into five globules, irregular and differing in shape and size.

The Miracle of Lanciano

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  1. Jesus is supposed to be present FULLY under either one of the species. When we receive only the host, we receive the whole of Christ –according to the Church. And the Eucharist is not cannibalism… So I don’t think this is a true miracle…

    • Could you please elaborate? I really have a difficult time understanding your post. The first part was the recitation of the Church’s teaching and the reason why the Eucharist was instituted by Christ–to lessen the image of cannibalism. However, when you stated that you didn’t think it was a true miracle, it sounded incoherent. What do you mean? What do you hold constitutes a true miracle? Thank you in advance.

  2. Shanti – Jesus IS (not supposed to be) present FULLY under both species. This is not an either or situation. We never receive ONLY The Host, we always receive the WHOLE of Christ, whether we receive the Host and His Blood or the Host alone or the Blood alone. This miracle does not prove cannibalism. Read the Early Fathers and Doctors of the Church for more elaboration in this regard. Whether you think this is a true miracle or not is irrelevant to anything. It’s TRUE whether you believe it or not. That is your choice called Free Will to believe or not. Faith is a virtue given out freely for the asking directly from God Himself. To change your Faith pray ‘Lord, I believe, help my unbelief’ and He will answer your prayer.

  3. This is only another thing that allows us to fall deeply in love with God. His love for us, His compassion truly have to limits.
    I pray for the times that I act as a Doubting Thomas, but most importantly I thank the Lord for every second in which I am able to see Him present in my life and around me.
    I Love You Lord <33

  4. Bob and Penny Lord with EWTN showed from Lanciano the miracle. What a love of our Lord for us, allowing us to remember that He didn’t leave us orphans, He left us Himself -if our finite minds could only grasp the meaning of this great mystery.
    Holy Mother Church as a lovable mother continues the Holy Thursday celebration, the pinnacle of our Catholic Faith, until He returns in glory. What a treasure!!!

  5. The presenter must be related to a certain U S President given the apparent need for a teleprompter. People who really know their subject and what they are talking about don’t need such technology. It really doesn’t matter if someone believes in the miracle. What matters is that people have something to believe in. Believing helps people learn from an early age that it is wrong to wrong others, or to purposely hurt animals, etc. Want to do a real study instead of using another’s research? Try visualizing what the world would be like, if humans did not believe in things such as miracles. Your birth was a miracle so why would you want to crush the things that cause people, such as the love of your parents. What else but a miracle could cause two beings to come together to produce something like you. Realize I said that your birth was a miracle. I didn’t say you were a miracle. You are what is referred to as a lost, antagonistic, soul.
    Is seems you may not be a Christian. Well I fall into that pattern as well, but I give way to those who believe. And, if you don’t believe in miracles, then maybe you should join those of the religion that is a peaceful one but yet wants to kill anyone (infidels) who do not become one of their faith. You know, the one that beats women who are raped. Teach their children to bear arms against those who don’t believe what they believe in. The one who take the mentally ill and send them out to kill themselves while killing innocent women and children. I could go on. Please have a great day and remember, anytime someone has a great day, it’s a miracle.

    • Please note that in my above post it was directed to Kintarocrab who posted is findings? that the Miracle of Lanciano is not a miracle. People need to believe so that we can have a loving and caring society, regardless if some don’t agree. If children didn’t believe in the good and love taught by the good of our world, then surely we would be lost. Sort of like Kintarocrab is lost.
      Thank you.

  6. I Praise you Jesus Christ with all my Heart, Soul, Love, Mind, Being and Stregth. The Greatest Miricle was the Reserection of Jesus after the Cruxifiction of his LIFE and BODY. Thus all other miricles such as this great one are of the blood, sweat, tears, hurt and agony of Jesus being spilled upon us Mankind as Miricles from Jesus Christ during his agony of Letting his Life be transformed for you and me.

  7. Miracles do happen, and there is always a purpose for which they happen. They are the manifestation of God’s Will to teach us the road to sanctity, that is, the road to Jesus. Only the church Jesus founded, the Holy Catholic Church, is the judge to decide if a miracle is true and real or not. If the Catholic Church says it’s a miracle, I do believe in it. If She says it’s not, I don’t believe it, for sure. After all, you must understand that to declare an event is a miracle, the Church first conducts an exhausting investigation that in many cases elapses for years, even decades. So convinced has to be the Church in accepting the proof submitted as evidence of a miracle, that I’m quite sure She never contradicted on an approved miracle. The author of all miracles is God Himself.
    God, the Creator of all things. God, the Creator of all forces of Nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis) but specially the universal force of gravity, which exists in all the galaxies, stars, planets, comets, satellites and so on, and in the almost infinite free cosmic space that exists between all celestial bodies. God, the Creator of that incommensurable universe and the Creator of all unseen armies of angels, etc., He creates miracles, and He has the power to create millions of them daily, if He wants to.
    So, you must believe in miracles, but only on those approved by the Church. It is the word of God. Amen.

  8. I am not catholic but have family members who are. I am a christian and love God with all my heart and have no problem telling anyone that I do. I also refer to myself as nondenominational, although I, at one time (for many years) as a child attended a protestant church. I do not believe all that this particular protestant church teaches, now. I must admit, I do not know a lot about the Catholic beliefs, so I am asking this question, not to question what you believe, but because I do not know. When you say that the Catholic church is the “One true church” are you saying that you believe that all other churches are wrong in their beliefs (obviously, one can not believe everything that is taught in “another religion”, or we would join that religion) or that you believe only those that belong to the Catholic church are saved and going to heaven. I believe that the “church” are those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and truly live for Him. I do not think of it as a physical building, and am not saying that you do, either. I just am not sure what you mean by the Catholic church being “the one true church” Thank you

    • To Faye…Simply stated, the Catholic Church or Universal Church is the first Christian church that was established by Christ and proliferated by the apostles and their successors with the help of The Holy Spirit. All other Christian churches are broken off from the original Catholic church, most of them beginning in the late 15th century (the Protestant churches). There are currently more than 35,000 different “denominations”, including non-denominational, that call themselves christian. This to me only serves to prove the dis-unity of the church as a whole, going against the prayer of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest when He prayed, “Father, make them one…Let them be one”, referring to the church in it’s infancy. The Catholic church is referred to as the one true church because of the fact that the church contains the “fullness of the faith”. Many groups broke away from the church because of disagreement with church doctrine or unacceptance of certain books in the Bible (the Catholic Bible has 7 more books than the protestant ones), as well as a myriad of other reasons or misconceptions or excuses. We should all pray for unity of the church, according to the will of God and may He be glorified in everything. I hope this helps you.

    • Hi Faye,
      Simply put:
      “True” ==> Complete versus incomplete; the ‘fullness of the Gospel’ etc.

      Catholics *do not* believe that other Christians are condemned… the Catholic Church accepts baptism in other Christian denominations as a valid baptism when certain requirements are met — such as belief in the Trinity.

      Does that help?

  9. This got me reading about the Spear of Destiny, (AKA Spear of Christ; Spear of Longius). Did you know that on 30 April, 1945 General Patton’s 7th Army obtained possession of the spear? According to legend, if the owner of the spear lost possession of it he would die. It’s a bit eery that Adolf Hitler is alledged to have killed himself on that date.

  10. Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ.
    It seems (through this miracle) our Lord is making an authentication of one truly and genuinely Holy church he founded during his stay with us -The Catholic Church. It is the duty of every Christian to contemplate on this mystery carefully and respond. The mystery is more useful today and in the days to come than it was in the past as the church is battling fierce attacks from the powers of darkness that however, Jesus promised will never prevail over the church.

  11. I will be conducting training sessions for new Communion Ministers in my parish, and would like to show the video “The Miracle of Lanciano”. I may not have internet access for the sessions, so is there any way to get this video emailed to me…or send me a weblink where I can download it to my PC?

    Training sessions start next week, so please reply at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks and God Bless

  12. If you ever get the chance to visit the Shrine in Lanciano please do. I did so much research and reading about this Eucharistic miracle before going there. I believed in the real Presence, and i knew that all in the Catholic Masses all around the world this is happening, i knew it in my mind, and i acknowledged and believed it my heart.

    Yet when i went there in Person and saw the reliquaries housing the sacred flesh and blood of our Lord, i fell to my knees crying like a little child. I felt like doubting Thomas. “My Lord and My God” i kept whispering. “My Lord and My God.

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