Several Catholic women in Denver, Colorado claim that they were denied Communion for wearing face masks with rainbow colors at their local church.

The group wore the masks to show their support for Maggie Barton, a teacher who was fired from the church’s affiliated Catholic school. Barton was dismissed from All Souls Catholic School after the Archdiocese of Denver discovered that she was in a same-sex relationship, which violated her contract.

On February 11th, the group attended mass at All Souls Catholic Parish, wearing rainbow-colored masks. While they don’t typically attend the church, they say they came to show their support for Barton and the LGBTQ community.

While one decided not to receive Communion, two were were denied when they went up to receive the Eucharist. Another received only a nod from the priest, indicating she should leave the Communion line.

The Archdiocese of Denver stated that anyone who considers themselves a lifelong Catholic knows that the Communion line is not the place for any political statement, and the spokesperson encouraged those who felt wrongly denied Communion to speak to their church pastor.

“Mass is a time to worship God, not a time to seemingly make a statement or enter Mass with the intent of provoking a response. It is perfectly acceptable for a priest to decide to give a blessing instead of communion if it appears the person isn’t ready to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

I will say, anyone who considers themselves a lifelong Catholic knows that the communion line is not the place for any political statement, especially when such statements highlight that the person is not in communion with Christ. If anyone believes they were wrongly denied Communion, we encourage them to speak to the pastor of their church who, unlike secular media, is better equipped to answer their concerns and help them be brought back into Communion.”

Do you agree with Archdiocese of Denver?

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  1. > While they don’t typically attend the church

    Gee what a huge shocker there. Maybe if they did typically attend, they would realize what Catholic teaching on this topic really is, and how insane it is to try to receive communion while openly proclaiming support for sin.

    Nobody is forcing these women to be Catholic, or for the woman in question to be employed at a Catholic school. They simply want to infiltrate and destroy. They literally embody the serpent and his plan in the garden. I applaud the Denver archdiocese for handling this professionally and pastorally.

    • It is sorrowful to see someone clinging to something other than Christ , in this case party spirit, even to His face, and yet, aren’t we all guilty of that? I pray that the Lord may give these women, as well as myself, new hearts to submit to God.

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