Saint Juan Diego

Saint Juan Diego, a humble 16th-century Mexican laborer, became revered for his Marian visions leading to the creation of the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine.

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception, that Mary was conceived without original sin, is a Catholic doctrine defined in 1854 by Pope Pius IX.

Saint Ambrose

Saint Ambrose was a 4th-century bishop, influential theologian, defender of orthodoxy, and mentor to Saint Augustine, known for his eloquence and strong moral stance.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas of Bari, revered fourth-century Bishop of Myra, is celebrated for his piety, charity, and patronage of children and sailors.

Saint Sabas

Saint Sabas, born in Cappadocia, was a pivotal figure in early Eastern monasticism, renowned for his devout life of solitude and community leadership.

Saint John Damascene, Doctor of the Church

Saint John of Damascus was a revered Eastern Church father, eminent poet, defender of Christian art, and author of influential theological treatises.

Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier, born in 1506, was a pioneering Jesuit missionary known for his extensive evangelistic work in Asia, canonized in 1622.

Saint Bibiana

Saint Bibiana was a 4th-century Christian martyr in Rome, known for her steadfast faith and endurance under persecution by Governor Apronianus.

Saint Edmund Campion

Saint Edmund Campion was a Jesuit priest, English martyr, and scholar, executed in 1581 for his Catholic faith, canonized in 1970.

Saint Andrew the Apostle

Saint Andrew, first disciple of Jesus, brother of Saint Peter, and patron saint of Scotland, Russia, and Greece, was a fisherman turned devoted apostle.