Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano, a visionary Dominican abbess, performed miracles, experienced mystical phenomena, and was noted for her profound spiritual gifts.

Pope Saint Leo IX

Leo IX, born Bruno of Egisheim, was a reformative pope known for combating simony and clerical immorality and influencing the East-West Schism's onset.

Saint Apollonius the Apologist

Saint Apollonius, a Roman senator and Christian martyr, was executed for his faith after a notable defense before the praetorian prefect.

Pope Saint Anicetus

Pope Saint Anicetus, the 11th pope, succeeded St. Pius towards the year c. 153, and reigned till about 168. He condemned Montanism, conferred with St. Polycarp on the Paschal date controversy, and forbade priests from growing their hair. He was martyred and is venerated on April 17.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous

Saint Bernadette Soubirous, visionary of Lourdes, communicated the Virgin Mary's messages of prayer, penance, and the promise of happiness in the afterlife.

Saint Hunna

Saint Hunna, "the Holy Washerwoman," washed and cared for the poor in Strasbourg, earning her name through her noble acts of service.

Saint Lydwine

Saint Lydwine, bedridden from youth, bore lifelong illnesses and mystical visions, becoming the patroness of sickness and enduring faith.

Pope Saint Martin I

Pope Saint Martin I, martyred after condemning Monothelism and clashing with Byzantine authority, is the last early pope venerated as a martyr.

Pope Saint Julius I

Pope Saint Julius I, reigned 337-352, staunchly defended Orthodoxy, protected St. Athanasius, and opposed Arianism.

Saint Stanislaus

Saint Stanislaus (1030 – 1079) was Bishop of Kraków. He was martyred by Polish King Bolesław II the Bold. He is one of the patrons of Poland.