US Bishops Begin Election Day Novena

The USCCB says the novena will 'help Catholics form their consciences as they prepare for the upcoming election.'

Pope Francis Calls for Same Sex Civil Union Laws

In a new documentary on his time as pope, he said 'what we have to create is a civil union law - that way they are legally covered, I stood up for that.'

Becciu ‘Vigorously’ Denies Again Interference in Cardinal Pell’s Trial

Becciu denied, again, reports he stole Vatican funds to bribe witnesses and secure testimony during Cardinal Pell's trial.

Positive Coronavirus Case Within Pope Francis’ Residence Confirmed

The Vatican didn't say if Pope Francis came into contact with the person who tested positive.

7 More Swiss Guards Test Positive for Coronavirus

The world's smallest & oldest standing army had seven more members test positive for coronavirus, after four tested positive earlier this week.

Women Linked to Cardinal Becciu’s Financial Scandal Arrested

Calling herself a 'security consultant,' she bought luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, & Valentino using 500,000 Euros sent to her by former-Cardinal Becciu.

Mexico’s President Wants Apology From Pope Francis For ‘Offensive Atrocities’

He wants an apology from the Church for the alleged role in 'offensive atrocities that Indigenous people suffered' in the 1500s.

Cardinal Pell Meets With Pope Francis

Pell met with Pope Francis following his return to Rome two weeks ago.

German Bishop: Pope Francis Has ‘Dramatic Concern’ About the the Church...

Pope Francis said the so-called "Synodal Way" is overly focused on "political questions."

Watch: Pope Francis Talks to the TED Countdown Climate Summit

Pope Francis explained how 'integral ecology' can help the poor in his message.

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