Pope Francis Gives Interview on How He’s Living Through the Coronavirus...

Pope Francis gave an interview on how he is experiencing life under lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis and preparing for what comes after.

Pictures: Cathedral in Melbourne Vandalized After Cardinal Pell’s Acquittal

After Australia's High Court acquitted Cardinal George Pell of all charges and declared him innocent, Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne was vandalized.

Pope Francis Donates $750,000 to Fight Coronavirus: Here’s How You Can...

Pope Francis is calling on everyone able to contribute to his coronavirus emergency relief fund to help those tragically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cardinal Pell Gives Interview After His Release From Prison

After being acquitted of all charges Cardinal Pell gave an interview following his release from prison, saying he was "delighted" to hear the news.

Notre Dame Cathedral to Livestream Crown of Thorns for Veneration on...

Nearly a year after the world watched the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral burn, the Crown of Thorns will be displayed from inside on Good Friday via livestream.

Pope Francis Creates Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Pope Francis created an emergency relief fund for those "tragically impacted" by the coronavirus pandemic, contributing an initial $750,000 himself.

BREAKING: Cardinal Pell Wins Appeal, All Convictions Overturned

Australia's High Court overturned Cardinal Pell's abuse conviction and after 405 days of imprisonment his release is imminent.

Shroud of Turin to Be Displayed Online During Holy Week Amid...

The Archbishop of Turin announced that the Shroud of Turin will be displayed online during Holy Week for people to venerate from around the world.

Holy Land Custodian Calls for Israel to Permit Easter Celebrations in...

The Catholic Custodian of the Holy Land urged Israel to allow Easter celebrations in the Holy Sepulchre amid the church's coronavirus closure

Watch: Pope Francis Releases His April Prayer Intention for Freedom From...

Pope Francis shared his monthly prayer intention video for April, that those afflicted with addiction be liberated from its grip.

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