Steps for Life Fights to End ‘Rent-A-Womb’ Practices in Mexico

🇲🇽 Steps for Life is pushing for laws against "rent-a-womb" practices in Mexico, using murals to raise awareness and protect women's dignity.

Four Seasons Hotel to Take Over Historic Building near Vatican

A historic palazzo near the Vatican is getting a makeover after a Catholic knighthood order signed a 30-year lease with Four Seasons hotel for a luxurious restoration.

One in Four Vatican Employees Now Women, Thanks to Pope Francis

👩‍💼 One out of every four Vatican employees is now a woman, thanks to Pope Francis. Discover the progress made in ten years under his pontificate 👉

Catholic Exorcists Raise Concerns Over ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ Film

👀 Catholic exorcists caution against upcoming film "The Pope's Exorcist" featuring Russell Crowe as Father Amorth, calling it inaccurate and offensive.

Pope Francis Talks About “Reviewing” Priestly Celibacy

He said priestly celibacy was "temporary" and not "eternal."

10 Years After Election, Pope Francis Says Its “Not an Easy...

Pope Francis reflected on his 10-year pontificate, emphasizing the need for a Church in tune with the Lord & peace in the world 🙏🏼

Vatican Sues Climate Activists for Statue Damage

They could face jail time and fines for damaging statues in the Vatican Museums.

Catholic Leaders Oppose New Bills Eliminating Confessional Protections for Priests

Catholic leaders are speaking out against laws that would end confessional protections for priests who learn of abuse in the confessional, saying it is a threat to religious freedom.

Did Your Diocese Add Meat to St. Patrick’s Day Dispensations?

🍀 St. Patrick's Day falls on a Lenten Friday this year, but some US Catholics can still feast on corned beef! Here's how bishops are balancing penance and celebration 👉

Notre Dame to Open December 2024

🏰 Destroyed by a devastating fire, the Notre Dame Cathedral with it's iconic spire restored is set to open again in December 2024!