CNN’s Don Lemon Said Jesus ‘Admittedly Was Not Perfect When He...

He said 'Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.'

Pope Francis Drops Hong Kong Reference In Angelus Address

The prerelease for journalists of last Sunday's Angelus Address had Pope Francis making a plea for peace in Hong Kong.

When John Paul II Became An Honorary Harlem Globetrotter

The 'sportsman pope' actually met with the Globetrotters twice.

Your Life’s Purpose Isn’t What You Think It Is

In his series on the Eastern Catholic Church, 'canonical convert' Phillip Rolfes tells of Saint Isaac the Syrian's belief that life's purpose is repentance.

Pope Francis Wants UN’s Call For Global Ceasefire Implemented ‘Promptly’

He echoed the call for an 'immediate global ceasefire in all corners of the world.'

How King John’s Church Toilet Led to Him Signing the Magna...

King John put a toilet in the chapel of his Château Gaillard castle to use during Mass; the toilet chute was later used by the French to breach it's walls.

Little-known Syriac Mystic With A Powerful Message For Our Times

In his series on the Eastern Catholic Church, 'canonical convert' Phillip Rolfes introduces you to Saint Isaac the Syrian.

Communism In America: A Prophetic Sermon By Fulton Sheen All Catholics...

In Sheen's sermon, he prophetically addresses today's society that has 'forgot God and made man its god.'

The Worlds Longest Song Is Playing In This Catholic Church

'As Slow As Possible' is the longest lasting musical performance ever, set to end in 2640.

Pictures: The Capuchin Crypt In Rome With Almost 4,000 Skeletons Buried...

A placard in the macabre display of the Capuchin remains reads: 'What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be...'

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