LGBT Activists Call for Apology from St. Patrick’s Cathedral Over Funeral...

St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC had a Mass of Reparation after accidentally hosting a controversial funeral for Cecilia Gentili. LGBT activists are now calling for an apology 👉

Is Your Career Costing You Heaven? How To Balance Success with...

Is the ladder to success leading you away from the stairway to Heaven? Watch to find out how you can pursue a career and maintain a sanctified life 🙌

Watch This Former Protestant Pastor Clarify 3 Myths They Believe About...

Ever wonder what Protestants get so wrong about Catholics? Watch this former Protestant pastor dispels three common myths they believe about Catholicism! 👉

Canadian Bishops Stand Firm Against Euthanasia Expansion

Canada's bishops have voiced strong opposition to expanding euthanasia laws, emphasizing the sanctity of life and the need for comprehensive mental health support 👉

Alabama Supreme Court Declares Frozen Embryos as Children Under State Law

The Alabama Supreme Court decided that frozen embryos qualify as children, granting them legal protections under the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act 👉

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Celebrates Reparation Mass After Controversial Funeral for Trans...

St. Patrick's Cathedral accidentally hosted a "sacrilegious" funeral for transgender activist Cecilia Gentili, leading to a Mass of Reparation 👉

Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Face Inner ‘Wild Beasts’ This Lent

On the first Sunday of Lent, Pope Francis called on the faithful to confront their inner vices and seek divine guidance through silence and prayer during Lent 👉

Pope Francis Shows Support for Female Deacons, Says Nun Who Advises...

Spanish nun Linda Pocher, advisor to Pope Francis, revealed his support for exploring the female diaconate within the Church 👉

Mexican Catholic Bishops Engage in Peace Talks with Drug Cartels

Mexican bishops engaged with drug cartels in peace talks, backed by President López Obrador, aiming to mitigate violence despite challenges in reaching a truce 👉

Vatican Mourns Loss of Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny

The Vatican, through Cardinal Pietro Parolin, expressed shock and sorrow over the sudden death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in prison 👉