The Story Behind Jesus and Mary With… Devil Horns?

At first glance, this fresco looks like a priest holding Host up to an altar... but look again! Why do Jesus and Mary have devil horns? Learn the story behind the "Miracle of the Host."

Pope Benedict XVI Sued by Abuse Victim Seeking Compensation

The retired pope has maintained he wasn't "aware of sexual abuse committed or suspicion of sexual abuse committed by priests" and said "the victims of sexual abuse have my deepest sympathy and I feel great sorrow for each individual case."

Same-Sex Couple Gives ”Reflection” in Lieu of Homily During Mass

During Mass at Old St. Patrick’s parish in Chicago, in lieu of the pastor's homily a same-sex married couple were given the pulpit to offer a "reflection."

Thank the Church for Conductors

🎻🎺How did the conductor and their iconic baton come to be? Learn their Catholic origin! 🎷🎼

Pope Francis: “Can You Imagine if I Showed Up in St....

After receiving the gift from Brazilian bishops, an indigenous headdress, Pope Francis couldn't help but crack a joke! 😂

German Catholic Priest Found Dead After Investigation Into ”Abusive Behavior” Began

🙏 Pray! Christof May, 49, died of apparent suicide last week a day after his bishop told him was starting an investigation into "accusations of abusive behavior."

Bishop Says School Flying BLM and Pride Flags No Longer Catholic

Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester, Massachusetts stripped a Jesuit middle school of its official Catholic status after they continued to fly BLM and Pride flags.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. Or Does He?

You've probably heard the popular motto "God helps those who help themselves" before... But is the phrase even in the Bible? Click to find out!

Do You HAVE to Go to Mass Every Week?

Do Catholics HAVE to go to ⛪ Mass every week? The short answer is yes. But there’s way more to it than that!

When a Catholic Priest Invented the Bulletproof Vest

Countless lives have been saved thanks in part to Father Casimir Zeglen, the inventor of the silk bulletproof vest.