Pope Francis Calls for Same Sex Civil Union Laws

In a new documentary on his time as pope, he said 'what we have to create is a civil union law - that way they are legally covered, I stood up for that.'

Why Some Nativity Scenes Include THIS Figurine

Catalonian Nativity scenes often feature a figurine of el caganer, meaning 'the pooper.'

Becciu ‘Vigorously’ Denies Again Interference in Cardinal Pell’s Trial

Becciu denied, again, reports he stole Vatican funds to bribe witnesses and secure testimony during Cardinal Pell's trial.

Pope Francis Declines to Name John Paul II Doctor of the...

The President of Poland’s Bishops’ Conference said the Vatican denied his request, and most bishops worldwide ignored his proposal.

Catholics Bring Aid To The Most Vulnerable During World Mission Month

World Mission Month is an opportunity to share with the Church the global needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ and encourage the faithful to respond with compassionate generosity.

Did Saint Paul Have Stigmata?

Paul says: 'let no one make troubles for me; for I bear the marks of Jesus on my body.'

Women Linked to Cardinal Becciu’s Financial Scandal Arrested

Calling herself a 'security consultant,' she bought luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, & Valentino using 500,000 Euros sent to her by former-Cardinal Becciu.

Do Catholics Need Yard Signs?

'It has begun to look like whoever can get their sign closest to the curb can claim victory as the most just in the neighborhood.'

Swiss Guards Test Positive for Coronavirus

Pope Francis met with the new recruits on October 2nd, but it isn't clear if he was near the four Swiss Guars who tested positive.

US Bishops Call for Coronavirus Stimulus Talks To Resume

The USCCB urged for talks to resume after negotiations reportedly ceased on Tuesday.

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