This Catholic Saint Was The Only Woman Ever Crowned King Of...

At just 10 years old, Saint Jadwiga was the only woman ever to be crowned King of Poland - not Queen!

Why Does This Church Have A Stone Paratrooper Hanging From It?

This church in northwest Normandy has a peculiarly placed effigy of a paratrooper in stone on it's steeple... do you know why?

Blessed Clay: Does Soil From These Ancient Church Grounds Really Cure...

Soil from this priest's grave in Boho, Northern Island is said to heal you of minor maladies if you keep it under your pillow and return it in four days.

How Ice Cores From Mount Kilimanjaro Are Proof of the Story...

Ice cores from Mount Kilimanjaro and a 3600 year old canal still open today give evidence to the historicity of Joseph in Genesis.

A ‘Prayer for All Things Necessary’ During These Troubling Times, by...

In a time when we pray to understand the role of the coronavirus pandemic in God's Plan, turn to Pope Clement XI's 'Prayer for All Things Necessary.'

Pictures: Raphael’s Long-Lost Last Paintings Before His Sudden Death Revealed

The Vatican Museums unveiled their restoration of Raphael's paintings in the Hall of Constantine, the High Renaissance artist's last work before his death.

Did You Know? The History Behind the Tau Cross & the...

Learn the history behind the tau cross & staurogram, two ancient symbols from the very earliest days of the Church.

The Dictatus Papae: 27 Powers Reserved Only for the Pope

In 1075, Pope Saint Gregory VII promulgated the 'Dictatus Papae' - 27 rights and powers reserved only for the pope himself.

Odd, but True: How Eating Leftovers Can Prepare You for Heaven

In his series on the Eastern Catholic Church, 'canonical convert' Phillip Rolfes tells how leftovers can be ascetical, with wisdom from the Desert Fathers.

When Medieval Catholic Saints Would Practice ‘Holy Anorexia’

In the Middle Ages, ascetic women would practice 'anorexia mirabilis' - many going on to become saints.

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