The Oldest Surviving Irish Manuscript Was Written by a Catholic Saint...

Used as a relic by monks and holy men, pious tradition believes it provides divine protection! 👉

Vatican Issues New Guidelines for Evaluating Supernatural Phenomena

The new guidelines streamline the process for evaluating Marian apparitions, aiming for clarity and quicker resolutions 👉

Five Powerful Scapulars in One: The “Fivefold” Scapular!

The Fivefold Scapular combines the Brown, Blue, Black, Red, and White Scapulars, offering unique spiritual protections to its wearers! 📿

Pope Francis Calls Out Conservative Critics in Upcoming 60 Minutes Interview

In his upcoming 60 Minutes interview, Pope Francis discusses conservative critics, war, migration crises, and clarifies his stance on blessing same-sex unions 👉

This Blue Paint Used at the “Sistine Chapel of the East”...

The composition of the mysterious Voronet blue paint at the "Sistine Chapel of the East" that has captivated pilgrims for centuries remains unsolved!

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker Challenges Catholic Leaders in Benedictine College Speech

Chiefs kicker Butker urged Benedictine grads to embrace authentic Catholicism, critiquing bishops for not taking strong stances on key issues 🙏🏈

Chicago Priest Apologizes for Blessing Same-Sex Couple as ‘Holy Spouses’

Father Joseph Williams of Chicago apologized for blessing a same-sex couple as ‘holy spouses’, saying it violated Church norms 👉

Vatican Details Ways You Can Receive 2025 Jubilee Indulgences

The Vatican said Catholics can obtain plenary indulgences during the 2025 Jubilee Year through these pilgrimages, prayers, and acts of mercy 👉

How Catholic “Ice Saints” Help Gardeners Avoid Late Spring Frosts

Do you know how the Catholic "Ice Saints" guide gardeners on the best time to plant to avoid late spring frosts? 🧑‍🌾

Altar and Tabernacle Unharmed After Tornado Hits Oklahoma Church!

Despite the devastation from an EF-4 tornado in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, St. Mary's Catholic Church's altar and tabernacle were undisturbed! 🙏