Witch hunts on the Rise Worldwide

🙏 Pray for those persecuted in witch hunts! According to the Pontifical Mission Societies, witch hunts are on the rise worldwide.

Majority of German Catholics Don’t Like Church Teaching on Abortion

Do you agree with the Church teaching on abortion? According to a new poll, a majority of German Catholics don't like that the Church is against abortion.

Why THIS Saint Is Pictured With a Stag at Her Feet

Why is this Catholic saint depicted with a stag 🦌 at her feet? 👉 Click to learn the the interesting story behind what it means!

Pope Francis: ”Wanting Eternal Youth Is Delusional”

What do you think of this? Pope Francis said trying to stop time and stay young instead of growing old is "delusional."👶🧓

This Shrine Is Where Mary Waited While Jesus Preached in Lebanon

Where did Mary stay while Jesus preached in Sidon? Tradition says THIS is the actual place! Learn the true story behind it 👉

Pope Francis Promotes Nurse Who “Saved My Life” to His “Personal...

🙏Pray for the health of the pope! Amid resignation rumors, Pope Francis promoted a nurse who he said "saved my life" to be his "personal health care assistant."

Pictures: Brazilian Priest Helps Stray Dogs Find a Home at Mass

Wow! This is heartwarming 😍 Father Juan Pablo gets abandoned dogs off the streets, feeds and bathes them. At Mass, he introduces them to help find their forever homes.

The Best Obscure Marian Titles You Probably Don’t Know

Known by many names, above all we call her Mary. As Catholics, we venerate Mary as the greatest of saints and can pray for her saintly intercession. Here are best obscure Marian titles you probably don't know!

12 Medjugorje Pilgrims Killed in Bus Crash

🙏 Pray for these pilgrims! On their way to Medjugorje, 12 polish pilgrims were killed in a bus crash.

Pope Francis Likely to Visit Ukraine

Do you think Pope Francis can help end the war in Ukraine? Before his visit to Kazakhstan in September, it's likely he'll visit the country. Here's what we know 👉