The Virgin’s Girdle: A Little-Known Relic of Mary

On his way back from India, Saint Thomas the Apostle received the Virgin's Girdle from Mary herself as a testament to her Assumption.

Australia’s High Court Agrees to Cardinal Pell’s Request for a Final...

Australia's High Court granted Cardinal George Pell's request for a final appeal, with a hearing to take place sometime early next year.

Australian High Court to Announce If Cardinal George Pell Can Appeal

Australia's High Court will announce Wednesday whether or not they will hear an appeal by Cardinal George Pell to overturn his conviction.

When Jesus Revealed 25 Secrets of “Spiritual Warfare” in a Vision...

Saint Faustina recorded in her a diary a mystic vision in which Jesus Christ revealed to her 25 secrets of "spiritual warfare."

These 5 Prayers Were Taught at Fatima by Mary and an...

When Our Lady and an angel miraculously appeared to three poor Catholic shepherd children they taught them these five prayers: the Fatima prayers.

Did You Know? How The Original “Dunce” Was Actually a Catholic...

The dunce cap has been a long-standing symbol of stupidity and disgrace but ironically rose to fame as a signifier of high intelligence. You might be surprised to learn that the original "dunce" was actually a brilliant beatified Catholic!

The Holy Prepuce: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ

Christ ascended corporeally, thus bodily relics must come from before the Ascension. The Holy Prepuce is just that, a product of the circumcision of Jesus.

Watch: Man Who Threw Pachamama Statues into the Tiber Explains Why...

The man who threw the controversial Pachamama statues seen at the Amazon synod into the Tiber published a video explaining the reasons why he did it.

Is Protestantism (Still) a Heresy? What Pope Benedict XVI Says Might...

Over 500 years since the spawn of the Protestant Revolt, is Protestantism (still) a heresy? Here's what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had to say in 1960.

The Universal Church: Is There a Catholic Church in Antarctica?

The Catholic Church is truly universal: the southernmost place of worship in the world is a cave chapel carved out of ice in Antarctica.

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