This Saint Painter Was Said to Have “A Rare and Perfect...

Pope John Paul II called him the patron of artists 'because of the perfect integrity of his life and the almost divine beauty of the images he painted.'

Pope Francis Approves Miracle for the Beatification of John Paul I

John Paul I may be beatified before Easter! Learn more about the miracle attributed to his intercession Pope Francis approved.

Did You Know? The First Honorary Degree Was Awarded to a...

Do you know why some people get honorary degrees? It all started with THIS Catholic bishop hundreds of years ago.

Catholic Cathedral in Colorado Vandalized: ‘Satan Lives Here’

It's the third time in less than three months the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver has been the victim of anti-Catholic hate.

The Only Cardinal Ever Martyred

Many cardinals have suffered for their Faith, but only one in the history of the Church was a martyr.

German ‘Synodal Way’ Votes on Same-Sex Blessings & Necessity of the...

The assembly overwhelmingly supported widespread 'reforms,' calling for blessings of same-sex couples and whether priests are 'needed at all.'

Thank the Sacraments for the First Sign Language School

Wow! Did you know this? The first school using sign language was founded by a Catholic Priest so they could receive the Sacraments!

Watch: Pope Francis’ October Prayer Intention to Be Missionary Disciples

Pope Francis said: 'pray that we all will make courageous choices necessary for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.'

Pope Francis Will Meet President Biden

The meeting with Biden next month will be the first since his inauguration.

Do You Know the Secret Inside the Famous Christ the Redeemer...

Christ the Reedemer overlooking Rio di Janeiro is one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, but few know the secret inside it!

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