Pope Francis Opens New “Palace” for the Poor & Homeless near...

As part of his Friday of Mercy initiative Pope Francis opened a "palace for the poor," a shelter for homeless people near Saint Peter’s Square.

Pope Francis Calls for Fulton Sheen’s Beatification to Take Place in...

The Diocese of Peoria, the hometown of the late soon-to-be saint, announced that Fulton Sheen will be beatified in December.

Corruption in the Church? There’s An Official Prayer Against It, From...

Launching an anti-corruption campaign, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops released an official prayer to accompany their efforts.

Published in the Vatican Newspaper: “An Ancient Prayer of the Knights...

Composed by templars in jail falsely accused of heresy, the prayer "might be said by anybody finding himself in a moment of despair and difficulty."

Myths About The Crusades That Too Many People Believe

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Historian Steve Weidenkopf to debunk myths and lies about The Crusades.

US Bishops: “The Threat of Abortion Remains Our Pre-eminent Priority” Over...

At their fall general assembly, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a new letter that declared the "threat of abortion" their number one priority.

The Virgin’s Girdle: A Little-Known Relic of Mary

On his way back from India, Saint Thomas the Apostle received the Virgin's Girdle from Mary herself as a testament to her Assumption.

Australia’s High Court Agrees to Cardinal Pell’s Request for a Final...

Australia's High Court granted Cardinal George Pell's request for a final appeal, with a hearing to take place sometime early next year.

Australian High Court to Announce If Cardinal George Pell Can Appeal

Australia's High Court will announce Wednesday whether or not they will hear an appeal by Cardinal George Pell to overturn his conviction.

When Jesus Revealed 25 Secrets of “Spiritual Warfare” in a Vision...

Saint Faustina recorded in her a diary a mystic vision in which Jesus Christ revealed to her 25 secrets of "spiritual warfare."

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