Pope Francis Jokes About His Bronchitis Recovery: “As You Can See,...

Pope Francis shared he is recovering from acute bronchitis, joking that "as you can see, I am still alive." 🙏 Pray for the pope's health!

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Nottingham Cathedral to Host Funeral of Baby Indi Gregory

Nottingham Cathedral will host baby Indi Gregory's funeral on December 1. Her dad says “We’re going to give her the best send-off we can."

Pope Francis Reportedly Revokes Cardinal Burke’s Vatican Privileges

Pope Francis is reportedly stripping Cardinal Burke of his Vatican apartment and salary. Pray for the pope and Cardinal Burke! 🙏

Watch Pope Francis’ December Prayer Intention for People With Disabilities

Pray 🙏 with Pope Francis! His official prayer intention for December is that you pray for people with disabilities. Watch now 👉

Thank This Catholic Nun for the Discovery of DNA!

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Pope Francis on the Mend, Overcoming Flu Symptoms

🙏 Pray for the Pope's health! Pope Francis has shown remarkable resilience in recovering from flu symptoms and continuing his duties amid health concerns 👉

In Gaza, 3 Mother Teresa’s Nuns Provide Sanctuary Amid War

Near a Gaza hospital, three Catholic nuns are courageously caring for 60 people, facing severe shortages and dangers during the war 👉

Pope Francis Raises Concerns Over Direction of German Catholic Church

Pope Francis voiced his concerns about the German Catholic Church's Synodal Process, instead emphasizing unity and traditional Church teaching 👉