Pope Francis Shares Laughs with Famous Comedians at Vatican

Pope Francis hosted over 100 comedians at the Vatican, including Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon, to promote the unifying power of humor 👉

Pope Francis Talks Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence to World Leaders...

Pope Francis warned world leaders about the ethical implications of AI, urging human oversight and ethical use 👉

Why Emperor Constantine’s “Holy Helmet” Was Believed To Offer Miraculous Protection!

The legendary Helmet of Constantine was believed to offer divine protection with sacred relics from the Holy Land 👉

Astrophysicists Gather at Vatican Observatory to Explore Black Holes and Quantum...

The Vatican Observatory will host a conference next week, gathering renowned physicists to discuss black holes, gravitational waves, and quantum theory 🪐

Pope Francis Reportedly Repeats Slur in Private Meeting with Priests

Pope Francis reportedly used a derogatory term for the second time in recent weeks to describe homosexual tendencies in a private meeting with priests 👉

Ancient Skeleton Found Amid Excavation for Rome’s 2025 Jubilee

A centuries-old skeleton was discovered near the Vatican during construction for Rome's 2025 Jubilee, linked to a piece of the city's hidden past 👉

The Holy Nails: Could These Be the Same Used to Crucify...

According to Catholic tradition, these relics are the actual Holy Nails used to crucify Jesus Christ 👉

Hundreds Attend Funeral Mass for Brutally Murdered Colombian Priest

Father Ramón Arturo Montejo Peinado, a 45-year-old priest of the Diocese of Ocaña, Colombia, was brutally murdered on June 4 during an apparent robbery. The...

Pope Francis Invites Famous Comedians to the Vatican

Pope Francis will meet with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg & others to promote global unity through humor 👉

Pope Francis Advocates for Global Debt Forgiveness Ahead of 2025 Jubilee...

Pope Francis called for global cooperation to relieve debts in poorer nations for the 2025 Jubilee Year 👉