Watch: Pope Francis’ April Prayer Intention for Fundamental Human Rights

Pope Francis asks we pray for those who risk their lives fighting for fundamental human rights in dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and also democracies in crisis.

When Priests Hid in “Priest Holes” to Avoid Persecution

Under the persecution of Catholics in England, many houses had priest holes built into them to conceal priests during searches.

Three Indulgences You Can Receive During the Easter Triduum

Here are three indulgences available that you can receive during the Easter Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

Cardinal Sarah Asks Pope Francis to Allow Individual Masses at St....

Pope Francis suspended individual celebrations of Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, to which Cardinal Sarah "humbly begs" that he reinstates.

Pope Francis Writes to Julian Assange

Pope Francis wrote a 'kind, personal' message to Assange, currently in British maximum security prison.

Pope Francis Explains Where He Expects to Spend “His Final Days”

The Vatican is normally reticent to speak on the pontiff's health, but Pope Francis talked of his death and how he sees himself spending his final days.

How a Pope’s Imprisonment Led to There Never Being a Pope...

John XIV's papal reign was recorded twice, both while as pope and while imprisoned by an antipope.

New Fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered

Experts are calling it the most important discovery in the last 60 years.

Jesuit Order Pledges $100 Million for Slave Reparations

A member of the USCCB said it is 'largest financial commitment' to 'heal the wounds' caused by the Church's participation in slavery.

Deliver Me Jesus: 7 Things I’ve Learned From Praying the Litany...

Justin Farr from BlackCatholic explains: gaining humility is a gradual series of skirmishes against the self, and the battle still rages on!

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