A recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that only about a third of Catholic parents (35%) consider it important to pass on the Faith to their children.

The findings paint a concerning picture for the future of Mass attendance, which has already seen a significant drop since the beginning of the pandemic. 

In contrast, 35% of parents place little value passing on their faith, while 30% believe that it is somewhat important. White non-Hispanic Catholics, at 39%, are 10% more likely to place great importance on the issue than Hispanic Catholics at 29%.

In contrast, most Protestant denominations had a greater proportion of parents who consider passing down their faith to be extremely important. 70% of White Evangelicals were the most likely to value their children’s faith, followed by Black Protestants at 53%. Only White non-Evangelical Protestants (29%) had lower levels of importance than Catholics.

The religious attendance of parents correlated with the value they place on the faith of their children. Those who attend religious services on a weekly basis were three times more likely to want their children to have a strong faith, with 76% answering in the affirmative compared to 21% who do not attend religious services regularly.

Interestingly, Catholics mirrored the total of American responses on the issue of raising their kids to help those in need (81%) as well as on the topic of accepting people who are different than themselves (80%).

Even though many parents think it’s important to teach their kids about their religion, 43% of parents raise their kids like they were raised and 44% raise their kids differently. Among parents who raise their kids like they were raised, 63% think that religion is very important. But only 13% of parents who raise their kids differently think religion is important, and very few parents who raise their kids differently teach them about religion.

Pray for Catholic parents to pass on the the Faith!


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  2. How can you claim to be a Catholic parent and not find it valuable to pass on to your children? Methinks you aren’t actually a Catholic parent at all. If you were, the faith would be the one single thing you would want to pass on, above wealth, education, anything.


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