New York City faces a pressing migrant challenge, with Mayor Eric Adams revealing 60,000 migrants have settled in the city. The numbers are set to rise by 10,000 monthly, prompting concerns about the city’s ability to cope.

The Cardinal Timothy Dolan, New York’s Archbishop, has expressed his worries too to the NY Post. Dolan says “New York just can’t handle them all… It is an American problem.”

This migrant influx isn’t just a statistical challenge; it’s about real lives and human stories. Dolan make the situation clear: “Every day hundreds come in… We look them in the eyes and say, ‘You’re part of us now. You’re not a number.’”

But Dolan’s attempts to engage with President Joe Biden on the issue have seemingly hit a wall. “He doesn’t take my calls or answer my letters,” says Dolan. While the President might remain elusive, Dolan has found an ally in Mayor Adams. Dolan praised Adams for his proactive approach, saying, “I give Mayor Adams a lot of credit. He tells us where he needs help.”

Religious institutions, including the Archdiocese of New York, have stepped up to support migrants by providing housing and other necessary resources. Individual churches, like St. Teresa Church and the Church of the Ascension, have also extended their support with food, clothing and school supplies.

However, despite these commendable collective efforts, Dolan believes that the current immigration system is “terribly wrecked.”

While emphasizing the Church’s stance on border security, he said, “The church has always been very supportive of the right of a nation to have borders…” However, for him, it boils down to one fundamental duty, “Our sacred responsibility is to help them. We hate to see these people suffer.”

Pray for the protection of migrants!



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