Only a few days after being released from Gemelli Hospital where he was treated for bronchitis, Pope Francis will lead the Holy Thursday Mass at a juvenile detention center.

During Mass, he will wash the feet of young inmates, symbolizing his commitment to service and pastoral closeness.

Pope Francis has long maintained a tradition of celebrating Holy Thursday Mass with incarcerated individuals.

In 2013, just 2 weeks after becoming pope, he chose Casal del Marmo as the location for his first Holy Thursday Mass.

Casal del Marmo, a juvenile detention center located about 11 miles from Vatican City, houses both male and female young offenders.

During the 2013 Holy Thursday Mass, Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 inmates, consisting of two girls and ten boys. He explained to them the act of washing their feet meant being at their service and encouraged them to help one another.

Pope Francis’ hospitalization last week due to breathing difficulties raised concerns among leaders and faithful around the world. However, after a three-night stay in the hospital, he reassured everyone by humorously saying, “I’m still alive!” after being discharged.

Upon returning to the Vatican, Pope Francis presided over Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square. His gentle homily reminded believers that Jesus remains by our side, even in times of feeling abandoned or isolated.

Despite his recent health issues, Pope Francis is has a full schedule for Holy Week.

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