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On this week’s episode of The Catholic Gentleman podcast, Sam Guzman and John Heinen discuss “the timeless requirements of a man within the modern dating scene.”

They clarify the appropriate dating outlook, and how gentlemen should view relationships through the wisdom of the Church.

Always Avoid Sneaky Dating!
Sneaky dating, or going out with friends without clearly stating romantic intentions, leads to confusion and mixed signals. John says this needs “to be avoided by specific and intentional actions.” Clear communication helps ensure that both parties understand the nature of their relationship, fostering honesty and respect.

Learn To Listen in the Digital Space
In the online dating age, attentiveness and genuine interest stand out. Asking meaningful questions shows your respect and serious intentions. “Prove your attentiveness by paying attention and attempting to find common ground with that individual,” says John.

How To Protect Her Dignity and Yours
Respecting a woman’s dignity is paramount in Catholic dating. From dressing well to practicing good manners, small actions show you value her as a person. “What that communicates is that you are my priority and this should go throughout the whole date,” says Sam.

Why Courage Is Necessary & Masculine
Stepping out in faith is necessary for discerning one’s vocation. Sam says to “take action, ask her out. She says no? Okay, but at least you knew you took the risk.” Courage in pursuing relationships aligns with a man’s duty and builds confidence.

The gentlemen say approaching dating with this wisdom is the best way a single guy can get a date!

Listen to this episode below:

What do you think of Sam and John’s advice?

St. Raphael, patron saint of finding a holy spouse, please pray for those yearning for marriage!

Source: George Ryan via ChurchPOP
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