Why do we give up things during Lent? Because God is asking us to reflect on how those things might be stopping us from loving him or others!

Why do we make sacrifices, give alms, engage in service or perform other acts of charity during Lent? So that we can practice loving God and each other the way Christ calls us to!

Too many people unconsciously act as if Lent is about punishing ourselves and making ourselves miserable because God wants us to feel bad about ourselves. But that’s not what Lent is about.

Lent is for love. It reminds us to stop turning to things for comfort instead of running into God’s arms. It reminds us to stop valuing things more than people. It challenges us to love the people in our lives more than we love our own comfort zones.

This Lent, we would like to invite you and your families to focus on giving up the things that make it harder to celebrate the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life. To give up the things that make it hard for you to be the loving, connected, caring family that God is calling you to be. To make sacrifices that challenge you to love your spouse and children more than you love your comfort zone.

Get started by downloading the CatholicHÔM app here. https://www.catholichom.com/

Over the next 40 days, revisit the action items under the DO THESE STEPS 1ST icon in the CatholicHÔM app:

  • Download the posters that describe the parts of the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life and discuss how your family might start living them more consistently.
  • Take the CatholicHĂ”M Blueprint Quiz and identify your strengths and challenges.
  • Prayerfully reflect – with your spouse and kids – on the simple things you could do to build on those strengths and address those challenges.

If you are a premium member, go back through the CatholicHĂ”M Foundations Course (check out the new activity/discussion sheets!) with your family, and don’t forget to ask our coaches to help you overcome any challenges you might be facing in the HĂ”M Builders Forum. Let us walk with your family through this season.

Let’s make this Lent about responding to the call to love in our Households on Mission! 🙏

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