In an interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa published by Vatican News last Friday, Pope Francis said the Vatican is willing to do whatever to takes to end the war in Ukraine.

Pope Francis said they “are continually watching as the situation evolves.”

He explained the Vatican Secretariat of State is looking at every possibility and “giving weight to every opening that could lead to a real cease-fire and real negotiations.”

“The Holy See is willing to do everything possible to mediate and end the conflict in Ukraine. We are trying to develop a network of relationships that will foster a rapprochement between the parties, to find solutions.”

Pope Francis also brought up humanitarian efforts “for the people of tormented Ukraine, whom I carry in my heart along with their suffering.”

“The Holy See does what it must to help the prisoners.”

As to whether reconciliation is possible, he said: “I have hope. Let’s not resign ourselves, peace is possible.”

“But we must all strive to demilitarize hearts, starting with our own, and then defuse, disarm violence. We must all be pacifists. You don’t get it with weapons because they don’t defeat hatred and the thirst for domination, which will reemerge.”

In September, Pope Francis talked about how he helped a prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine.

Pray for peace!


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