Wow! The Archdiocese of Mexico shared the first photo ever taken of the original image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that miraculously appeared in 1531 and it’s beautiful!

A Facebook post shared by the Archdiocese explains the backstory behind the photo that went on to become “the official images of the Virgin of Guadalupe” and why it was taken.

“On the afternoon of May 18, 1923, the photographer Manuel Ramos had the honor of being the first to photograph the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe directly from Juan Diego’s cloak, without the protective glass.

The opportunity arose thanks to a change of frame, in addition to other arrangements that the image needed for its preservation after the attack on November 14, 1921, when a dynamite bomb was exploded at the foot of the icon.

One of Ramos’s daughters affirms that this event was so important to the photographer that his devotion increased and he began to get more involved in photographing Church events, such as the Centennial of the Apparition of the Virgin.

See below the photo from the Archdiocese:

Did you know? Standing at 33 feet tall, this statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Windsor, Ohio is not only stunning to look at but also the tallest in the world!

You can learn more about Our Lady of Guadalupe here!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


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