On November 8th, 2006 the Institute of the Good Shepherd (IBP) was formed under the papacy of Benedict XVI.

The IBP is a society of apostolic life dedicated to promoting the Latin Mass in full communion with the Church.

What makes the IBP such a unique priestly institute is their agreement with the Holy See.

Members of the IBP are granted special use of the Latin Mass and 1962 Roman Missal.

What’s even more unique is they are specially allowed to engage in “serious and constructive” criticism of the Second Vatican Council!

The Official Announcement of the priests of the Institute of the Good Shepherd document says:

“Moreover, each founding member personally acknowledges “respecting the authentic Magisterium” of the Roman See, in “entire fidelity to the infallible Magisterium of the Church” (Statutes II §2). From a doctrinal point of view, in accordance with the speech of Pope Benedict XVI to the Roman Curia on December 22, 2005, the members of the Institute, as much as it is in them, are committed to “serious and constructive criticism” of the Vatican Council II, to allow the Apostolic See to give an authentic interpretation.”

The IBP’s official website explains the purpose of their charism:

“A critique which aims to offer the whole Church a fresh look at its own identity. For the priests of the IBP, this resolute attachment to tradition is a way of serving the Church, in submission to the Pope, at the service of the Catholic bishops, and for the good of all the faithful. It is the expression of their desire to offer the riches and benefits of the Catholic tradition to the Church and to the whole world.”

Today, the IBP has around 48 priests and over 30 seminarians dedicated to serving the traditions of the Church.

What a beautiful story!

Pray for the IBP🙏

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  1. Clearly, the “apostolic see” isn’t giving an authentic interpretation of the council. It’s giving a thoroughly twisted and dishonest interpretation of it. So what are we supposed to do? Go along with what we know to be false, because we supposedly haven’t been given permission to think unapproved thoughts? This is the behavior of third-rate cultists, not Christians. I will continue to criticize Vatican 2, permission or no permission.


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