The Vatican published their latest edition of the official Church Book of Statistics.

Updated to December 31st of 2020, the book covers members of the Church, church institutions, healthcare, welfare, education, and more.

The book shows that the number of Catholics worldwide increased by 15 million to 1.36 billion total.

The total number of bishops decreased by just 1 to 5,363. However, diocesan bishops increased to 1,207 and religious bishops decreased to 4,156.

The total number of priests decreased by 4,117 to 410,219 and non-religious priests increased by 274 to 50,569. Europe saw the largest decrease followed by America and Oceania. However, increases were seen in Africa and Asia.

Women religious also declined by 10,553 to a 619,546. Only Africa saw an increase in women religious.

Major and minor seminarians also decreased by 3,795 to 207,253. Again, Africa saw increases, with declines seen in America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

The book also showed that the Catholic Church cares for 72,785 kindergartens with 7,510,632 students, 99,668 primary schools with 34,614,488 students, 49,437 secondary schools with 19,252,704 students, 2,403,787 high school students, and 3,771,946 university students.

Furthermore, the Church manages 5,322 hospitals, 14,415 dispensaries, 534 care homes for leprosy patients, 15,204 homes for the elderly, the chronically ill, or people with disabilities, 9,230 orphanages, 10,441 nurseries, 10,362 marriage counseling centers, 3,137 social rehabilitation centers, and 34,291 other charitable institutes around the world.

Pray for the Church!


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