In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, parishes have discovered the advantages of embracing digital technology.

Pushpay’s 2023 State of Church Tech report Catholic Church edition revealed that about three quarters of surveyed parishes provided hybrid worship services, combining in-person and online experiences. About a  quarter offered solely in-person services, while the other quarter ventured into the metaverse for hybrid worship.

Projected future trends show a diverse landscape for worship services, with 58% of parishes planning to continue hybrid offerings, 35% opting for online-only, 25% remaining in the metaverse, and 34% returning to in-person-only services.

The report, based on a 2022 survey of 170 priests and parish staff across the U.S., identified evangelization, connection, acceptance, transparency,
and community as the key drivers of increased technology use.

Father Agostino Torres, who contributed to the report, said:

“As leaders in the Catholic Church, we are living in an unparalleled time of change and challenge. To reach our people and fulfill the mission of the Church, we must use technology, but the question is often where to start and how deep to go.”

Despite challenges in implementing digital tools, Father Torres urges church leaders to persist in their technological pursuits, emphasizing the grace in these transformative times.

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