Saint Julia was born of noble parents in North Africa. When she was still quite young, her city was conquered by barbarians. Julia was captured and sold as a slave to a pagan merchant, but she did not complain or feel sorry for herself. She accepted everything, and performed the most humble tasks with wonderful cheerfulness. For Julia loved God with all her heart. In her spare time, she read holy books and prayed fervently.

One day her master decided to take her with him to France. On the way, he stopped at an island to go to a pagan festival. Julia refused to even go near the place where they were celebrating. She did not want to have anything to do with those superstitious ceremonies.

The governor of that region was very angry with her for not joining in the pagan feast. “Who is that woman who dares to insult our gods?” he cried. Julia’s owner answered that she was a Christian. He said, too, that although he had not been able to make her give up her religion, still she was such a good, faithful servant that he would not know what to do without her.

“I will give you four of my best women slaves for her,” offered the governor, but her master refused. “No,” he said, “All you own will not buy her. I would willingly lose the most valuable thing in the world rather than lose her.”

When the merchant was asleep, however, the wicked governor tried to make Julia sacrifice to the gods. He promised to have her set free if she would, but she absolutely refused. She said she was as free as she wanted to be as long as she could serve Jesus. Then the pagan ruler, in great anger, had her struck on the face and her hair torn from her head. She was next put on a cross to hang there until she died. Her feast day is May 23rd.

Photo credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
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  1. St. Julia, please pray for me and my wife for healing powers from God. Also give me the strenth to accept what lies ahead for my gum disease and healing powers.

    • Dear James sorry to know you are suffering from gum disease – I am not a medical person but AND A DRINK DURING THE DAY AND LAST THING BEFORE BED -from experience I can advise you to use ‘APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (organic) both as a mouth FIRST IN THE MORNINGS AND AY BEDTIME – – We thank God for His many blessings Amen

  2. St. Julia, please pray for Our Lady’s University.

    And please pray for all the women that think freedom is acting like “Julia” the helpless broad relying on government to “help” her with abortifacients.

  3. Julia you interceded for Christ sake, please pray for those Chibok abducted school girls by the insurgency in our country Nigeria, pray for our president Goodluck Jonathan, may God give him more wisdom to rule this country. In the name of the Father, of theSon and of the Holy spirit Amen.

  4. St Julia please intercede for me and my family, let there be peace, love and harmony Amen. Open doors in my new home Amen.

  5. Comment:Heavenly father thank you for my beloved Delight Dabah I still have faith that she will come out of the spiritual spell she is in in Jesus name. Even though am disheartened about her behavior I still believe she doesn’t know what she is doing and will not leave her in this without inviting you to intervene, still love her n will not cease praying for her. I therefore ask that our dear saint intercede on my behalf by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ I believe she will be freed. Amen.

  6. St. Julia please pray for these people and help those poor women in other countries who have no help please show them there is a God who loves them.. Thank you

  7. Dear St Julia please help my daughter to walk properly again after her major back surgery. Please help my sons thumb get better soon as he had an accident last week in work and had to have medical assistance. He really needs a quick recovery because his work depends on the full use of both hands.Thank you St Julia

  8. Saint Julia who made a sacrifice from yourself for Christ and endured barbaric cruel torture for Him, pray for us!

  9. JESUS CHRIST…..and……your…..HEAVENLY…….SAINT. JULIA…….. S T O P !!!!!!!
    AND….DEVOURING……THEIR…..E M B R Y O …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE….TIME…..IS…..N. O. W. !!!!!!!!
    Not….TOMORROW…………N O W……..


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