A court case against Pope Benedict XVI, which was set to hear statements from him regarding abuse allegations, has been suspended by the Traunstein Regional Court in Bavaria.

The lawyers representing the late pope made the request for the suspension because a legal representative for him has yet to be determined after his passing.

Last June, German Catholic news agency KNA reported a victim of abuse was suing Benedict XVI in civil court for alledgely having “responsibly approved” the appointment of a known abuser as pastor to a Bavarian parish in the 1970s.

The retired pope was expected to submit a written testimony in his defense regarding the claim he approved the Archdiocese of Munich transferring Father Peter Hullerman despite knowing of abuse allegations against him.

The civil case focuses on a meeting in 1980 when diocesan officials discussed the transfer, including then-Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger.

Benedict XVI originally failed to remember his attendance, what his personal secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein called a “mistake” and an “oversight.”

“To make it clear now that, contrary to what was stated at the hearing, he did attend the Ordinariate meeting on January 15, 1980.

Objectively correct, however, remains the statement, documented by the files, that in his meeting no decision was made about a pastoral assignment of the priest in question.

Rather, only the request to provide him with accommodation during his therapeutic treatment in Munich was granted.”

Andreas Schulz, a lawyer who filed the civil case on behalf of the claimant, said last November the Church needs to acknowledge it’s mistakes.

“If they don’t, the reputational damage will grow and the Catholic Church will hasten the erosion of faith.”

🙏Pray for abuse victims and the falsely accused!

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