A wonderful simplicity and spirit of compunction were the distinguishing virtues of this holy man. Saint Eleutherius was chosen abbot of St. Mark’s near Spoleto, and favored by God with the gift of miracles. A child who was possessed by the devil, being delivered by being educated in his monastery, the Abbot said one day: “Since the child is among the servants of God, the devil dares not approach him.” These words seemed to savor of vanity, and thereupon the devil again entered and tormented the child.

The Abbot humbly confessed his fault, and fasted and prayed with his whole community till the child was again freed from the tyranny of the fiend. St. Gregory the Great, not being able to fast on Easter-eve on account of extreme weakness, engaged this Saint to go with him to the church of St. Andrew’s and offer up his prayers to God for his health, that he might join the faithful in that solemn practice of penance.

Eleutherius prayed with many tears, and the Pope, coming out of the church, found that he was enabled to perform the fast as he desired. It is also said that St. Eleutherius raised a dead man to life. Resigning his abbacy, he died in St. Andrew’s monastery in Rome about the year 585.

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  1. Saint Eleutherius please pray for my family and keep our family intact. Please intercede on behalf of my husband and help us get the case against him resolved in our favor. Thank you. AMEN.

  2. St. Eleutherius please pray for our special intention for the company , for our family, the souls in purgatory, the unholy, the fallen angels. Pray for our day to day work, our safety , our finances. Protect us from calamity like flood, earthquake, and fire. Safekeep our families whom we left behind. We thank you for the many blessing that we receive everyday especially the gift of life that we have. Thank you for the food, the air, the fire, friends and love ones whose always there for us Lord we praise you and sinners as we are, humans as we are, we repent for the time when we feel unworthy. We say sorry for our sins in our words, thoughts and deeds. We lift up everything to you Lord God, St. Eleutherius , our goals and wishes. Give us long life and good health. Let our students excell in school. St. Anthony of PAdua, St. Joseph, MAma MAry, Sr. Sto. Niño, St. Jude, St. Monica, St. RAphael. Holy FAmily, St. Michael the Archangel and all the angels and Saints in heaven please pray for us. Mama MAry cover us your blue mantle of protection, In Jesus name, Amen ..

  3. Dear St. Eleutherius, please pray for my sister and her husband. Their marriage is in a shambles and he is addicted. Pray for protection of the children, deliverance from addiction, forgiveness and reconciliation. Also pray for me in the same way regarding vanity of taking pride in my children’s behavior (as if it was all up to me and God had nothing to do with it). Pray for their protection against the culture this school year.


  4. st eleutherius please please pray to god for my grandson hunter that he may be freed form all demons who r holding him captive..mama maary / je susa all the angels and saintts intercede for my family. thankks in advance for answered prayers amen amen and amen. sus

  5. Saint Eleutherius, pls pray for us for humility and simplicity.
    Lord, thank you everything.
    Have mercy, Lord and be with us always.
    We pray for the poor souls on purgatory.
    Take them into your Kingdom, O Lord.
    Thank you.

  6. Dear St. Eleutherius, Please intercede for my daughter’s friend, Paola M, so that she maintains the strength and tenacity to complete a difficult military school. The training is extremely demanding, and I fear the training officers may be tougher on her and hazing her because she is lovely and petite. Please ask Our Lord to send His Holy Spirit to guide her in everything, and to melt the hearts of those opposed to her when they see her intellect and fortitude. I beg for your intercession, and ask this intention through Christ Our Lord, AMEN!

  7. Saint Eleutherius, pray for us. Destroy the vanity and arrogance and egotism that invades vulnerable souls searching and longing for the One True Triune God but get sidetracked by demonic deception, manipulation, perversion, betrayal, idolotry and blasphemy. Stir up the Faithful to attempt to amend the many sacrilegious offences against the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and bring Christ Crucified into every heart. Amen.

  8. Saint Eleutherius, please pray that my neighbour and her husband may be reconciled and that their marriage may be holy, strong and eternal. Bless you and thank you x


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