Saint Zita (c. 1212 – 27 April 1272) is the patron saint of maids and domestic servants. She is also appealed to in order to help find lost keys.

Born at Monte Sagrati, Italy, she entered into the service of the Fratinelli family, wool dealers in Lucca, at the age of twelve. Immediately disliked by the other servants for her hard work and obvious goodness, she earned their special enmity because of her habit of giving away food and clothing to the poor including those of her employers. In time, she won over the members of the household.

According to one tradition, the other servants were convinced when one day they found an angel taking Zita’s place in baking and cleaning. Throughout her life she labored on behalf of the poor and suffering as well as criminals languishing in prisons. She was also credited with a variety of miracles. Canonized in 1696, she is depicted in art with a bag and keys, or loaves of bread

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  1. How is it that St Zita is patron saint to rape victims? My daughter a very beautiful woman now was raped. She still suffers. In 2010 she was treated for PTSD by shock treatment(s) to her brain. She has had dysfunctional relationship and one little boy resulted. Her mother was jealous of her. Shortly after birth in hospital I brought baby and mother home. Coming home early from work I discovered mother with large knife over baby’s bare chest ready to run it through. I peeled the knife finger by finger from the knife and committed her. Psychiatrist Mary Knight convinced me to not divorce. 20 years later I discovered mother beat my daughter with fists and brothers. Today daughter lives with and claims to be married to a woman. She avoids contact with me. I never violated my daughter, but she blames me for not protecting her of things I knew nothing about. We both need healing and a miracle from St Zita. Please pray God does so.

  2. Dear follower of the Son of God,
    You desired to become a servant
    and died the death of a slave.
    You were not only a faithful maid-servant
    but a practical lover of the poor.
    Like Mary You could have said:
    “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.”
    Prompt domestics to be just and charitable,
    seeing in their employers children of God
    and setting an example for them as servants of God.


  3. There are MANY ,,,,MANY ways to serve our LORD, JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! No matter what path you walk ,,if you keep
    JUSTICE and LOVE in your HEART,,,,,,,,you WILL be SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!DO. NOT. FORGET,,,,,while you WORK,,,,,
    CHRIST is with YOU!!!!!! ST. ZITA ,is the BEST,,,,,EXAMPLE,,,she was a SERVANT….but,,,,SHE ….always SERVED….our
    GOD!!!!!!! I cannot imagine,,,,SAINT ZITA ,,,,,was given the gift ,,,,locating KEYS?????? I believe she had the “””KEY GIFT””””THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING…….WE,,,,ALL,,,,WOULD,,,,ONLY,,,,DREAM,,,,OF !!!!!!On this DAY,,,,,
    April 27,,,,,I would like to share with you,,,,has a very personal meaning!!!!!!! Someone,,,,I ,,,,,saw leave this EARTH and
    ,take his place in HEAVEN!!!!!!HE WAS MY ,,,,,TEACHER of GOD,,,,,He was my PREACHER of GOD,,,,
    ST. ZITA,,,,,,thank you for showing,,,,,,serving God’s PEOPLE,,,,,,is,,,,,SERVING,,,,OUR GOD !!!!!!!

  4. Dear St. Zika, May you always be sympathetic to the families who could afford to hire you, but also to the poor, and our prisoners. There are so many who need your prayers and attention. Thank you for being an example to all of us.


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