Saint Athanasius, the great champion of the Faith was born at Alexandria, about the year 296, of Christian parents. Educated under the eye of Alexander, later Bishop of his native city, he made great progress in learning and virtue. In 313, Alexander succeeded Achillas in the Patriarchal See, and two years later St. Athanasius went to the desert to spend some time in retreat with St. Anthony.

In 319, he became a deacon, and even in this capacity he was called upon to take an active part against the rising heresy of Arius, an ambitious priest of the Alexandrian Church who denied the Divinity of Christ. This was to be the life struggle of St. Athanasius.

In 325, he assisted his Bishop at the Council of Nicaea, where his influence began to be felt. Five months later Alexander died. On his death bed he recommended St. Athanasius as his successor. In consequence of this, Athanasius was unanimously elected Patriarch in 326.

His refusal to tolerate the Arian heresy was the cause of many trials and persecutions for St. Athanasius. He spent seventeen of the forty-six years of his episcopate in exile. After a life of virtue and suffering, this intrepid champion of the Catholic Faith, the greatest man of his time, died in peace on May 2, 373. St. Athanasius was a Bishop and Doctor of the Church.

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  2. In 367 A.D., Bishop Athanasius wrote a famous Easter letter telling Christians what henceforth they could hear, teach, and discuss — and what to censor. … In other words, he alone established the Bible Old and New Testament canons.

  3. Please pray for all who are suffering from Cancer our world and that love over take hate in Jesus name I pray

  4. St.Athanasius is a Coptic Orthodox patriarch, please, just don’t say he is a catholic saint or the champion of the faith of just the catholic faith. he is considered saint and the protector of faith in all christian churches.
    he lived and departed before the division of Council of Chalcedon.

    • At Bebo– I understand your point. My friend is Coptic Orthodox. I know there exists Coptic Catholic as well. Before the Orthdoxes schisms, there was basically only the Catholic Church and smaller groups of different Christian faiths (i.e. Arius’s followers etc). Therefore, St. Athanasius would be of the Catholic Church, since the Orthodoxes hadn’t formed yet. But kudos to different Orthodox groups and I think some Protestant groups for honoring him as saint.

  5. Father,
    you raised up Saint Athanasius
    to be an outstanding defender
    of the truth of Christ’s divinity.
    By his teaching and protection
    may we grow in your knowledge and love.
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
    who lives and reigns with you
    in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    one God, for ever and ever.

  6. With give thanks and love for the gift of SAINT ATHANASIUS!!!!!!!
    In the CATHOLIC CHURCH, he endured much hardship much anguish ,,,,BUT he NEVER STOPPED!!!!!!
    In times like these,,,, may we remind ourselves,,,,,these GREAT men and women SACRIFICED their lives,,,,so that WE
    may be closer to our JESUS CHRIST and follow our CATHOLIC. FAITH!!!!!!
    The EARLY ON days of our faith, took BRAVE,,,MEN and WOMEN to accomplish their teachings and will!!!!!!
    The price they paid ,,,so ,,,we can live TRUTH!!!!!! We give thanks !!!!!
    Our PRAYERS,,,,we pray……. to bring to us…….MORE,,,,MEN to serve in the PRIESTHOOD !!!!!

  7. Dear St. Athanasius, Right now we’re in a world crises, so I am asking you to please pray for everyone here on earth. We need your prayers. Thank you.


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