Fr. Barron comments on St. Thomas Aquinas –

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  1. I too was helped on my journey of faith by St Thomas. At quite a late age I was deciding if I could undertake a degree in Divinity. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was what I wanted to do, and I believed that this was what God wanted me to do too. But I couldn’t afford the fees or the books to do this. The head of the Course said to me when I said how can I do this? “Just keep praying Margaret.” in answer to all my questioning. Well I did do that and was granted a bursary for 1 year of my 5 yrs study. But I had no money for books. On the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas 1996 I prayed and offered up the Mass to St Thomas asking him to help me. Before I left the church a lady came up to me and said. ” I hear you are going to study for a Divinity Degree at Maryvale, I expect you have a very long book list.” Yes I do I said. “Well come and see me she said” This I did and she lent me almost every book I needed to complete that degree.(She too had studied theology years before) She also gave me much needed moral support over the 5 years. My bursary was renewed each year too. I have since gone on to be a Lay Assistant Chaplain in a large Catholic College for the last 7 years. The most brilliant and blessed thing I have ever done. St Thomas Aquinas is indeed a Saint of our time not one hidden in the past but still vibrant and alive in spirit.


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