Fr. Barron on Looking at the Dome of St. Peter’s –

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  1. This was wonderful. My family and i were blessed to be able to visit Europe this last Summer, and to stay a week in Rome. One of the highlights was climbing to the cupola. (all those stairs!) So it was great re-live those memories while Fr. was speaking about St. Peter, and especially touching as i remember looking out at the obelisk. Thanks again for your wonderful perspective on our Catholic Faith.

  2. What wonderful thoughts Father! We are headed to Rome for our fourth pilgrimage and will attend the Scavi Tour again as well as our daughter’s Blessing by the Pope as a Sposa Novelli with her husband. I had a question. Was it not Caligula who brought the obelisk back from Egypt? We were just studying A Pilgrim Walks in Rome, which was the Holy Year guide under St. Pius X- now available again on Google books. I would like to be certain as I am leading a tour of relatives around Rome and want to be accurate. Thank you again for your great words each week.

  3. I love your reflection. Just one thought, are you sure that Mark is the first Gospel written? I would disagree with you on that point. Matthew is traditional held to be first even by the Apostlic Fathers. Be careful buying into Protestant Biblical study Father.


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