Within the Church, there are many devotions and practices that are cherished by the faithful but remain relatively little-known. One such practice is the consecration to the Holy Face of Jesus, which involves a devotion to the face of Jesus as depicted in the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin is a piece of cloth that many Catholics believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus. It bears the imprint of a man’s face and body, which many believe to be the image of Jesus himself. The shroud has been the subject of much debate and controversy over the centuries, with some scientists and scholars confirming its authenticity, while others continue to venerate it as a holy relic.

Despite the controversy surrounding the shroud, many Catholics have a deep devotion to the holy face of Jesus as depicted in the image. This devotion has its roots in the Carmelite Order, and was popularized by the Carmelite nun and mystic, Sister Marie of St. Peter, in the 19th century.

Sister Marie had a deep devotion to the holy face of Jesus, which she believed to be a source of spiritual healing and consolation. She believed that by venerating the holy face of Jesus, and by striving to imitate the virtues that it represents, Catholics could draw closer to God and experience a deeper spiritual connection.

One of the ways that Catholics can express their devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is through the act of consecration to the holy face. This act involves making a commitment to honor and imitate the virtues of Jesus as depicted in the image on the shroud. It is a way of dedicating oneself to a deeper spiritual life, and of seeking to grow closer to God through the example of Jesus.

Here is a version of the Act of Consecration to the Holy Face:

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, who, by the incarnation of thy Word, hast sanctified this image of thy face, and made it a channel of grace to all who venerate it, we adore thee and we love thee. In thy compassion, look upon us and grant us the grace to imitate thy holy virtues, especially thy meekness, humility, and charity. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to seek always to do thy will.

O merciful Redeemer, grant us the grace to offer ourselves to thee in reparation for the sins of the world, and to console thee for the many offenses that are committed against thee. May our devotion to thy holy face be a source of comfort to thee, and may it help us to grow in grace and holiness, and to draw closer to thee each day.

We ask this in thy holy name. Amen.

While the practice of consecration to the holy face may be unfamiliar to many Catholics and non-Catholics alike, it remains a powerful way for believers to deepen their spiritual lives and draw closer to God!

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  1. The “heart” of a person is the location at the core of their being where their feelings, compassion, and free will are held. This is the traditional meaning of the term “heart.” In the eyes of Jesus, His Heart is the very essence of the Creative and Redemptive Love that God has for the world. Jesus shared the pleasures and tragedies of human existence and renewed that life with a love that gave completely to man and gave himself completely to God. He lived amongst the people of the world with the whole heart of the Son of God made flesh. He did this by partaking in the experiences of human life. Godfather.

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