On Thursday, the Vatican held a criminal hearing against three climate activists for causing damage to a well-known statue at the Vatican Museums.

Two of the accused individuals are Guido Viero, 61, and Ester Goffi, 26, who were summoned to appear before the Vatican City State’s court on March 9th.

The incident happened on August 18, 2022, when Viero and Goffi glued their hands to the base of the ancient Laocoön and His Sons marble sculpture displayed in the Vatican Museums. The Vatican accuses them of using a tough and corrosive synthetic adhesive that damaged the base of the statue.

The Vatican has also charged another person identified as Laura for recording the demonstration at the Vatican Museums.

All three individuals are members of Ultima Generazione, an Italian group that promotes nonviolent civil disobedience to draw attention to climate change.

Viero and Goffi could face up to three years in prison and fines of up to 3,099 euros ($3,272).

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