The evil one goes by many a name: Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil, and Lucifer to name a few.

But did you know, there’s actually a Saint Lucifer in the Church, too?

Lucifer of Cagliari was the Bishop of Cagliari in Sardinia historically best known for his passionate opposition to Arianism, the heresy denying the divinity of Christ.

Much of what is known about him comes from his surviving writings, speeches addressed directly to the Roman emperor Constantius against the heresy of Arianism.

In fact, Lucifer was so steadfast against Arianism he left a divided legacy, history considering him either “the champion of correct belief against Arianism and friend of St. Athanasius” or a fanatic who ferociously berated his opponents.

He thought that bishops who believed in the Arian heresy should have not been able to return to their sees, only to the lay state, which Saint Athanasius thought too severe.

“This indulgence of forgiveness, offered to the repentant Bishops, displeased Lucifer, Bishop of Cagliari, a person famous for his zeal and writings against the Arians, in the reign of Constantius. St. Jerome composed a dialogue against the Luciferians, in which he plainly demonstrates, by the acts of the Council of Rimini, that in it the bishops were imposed upon.”

Today, he’s venerated in Cagliari on May 20th, a chapel in the cathedral there is dedicated to Saint Lucifer.

“The Church of Cagliari celebrated the feast of a Saint Lucifer on the 20th of May. Two Archbishops of Sardinia wrote for and against the sanctity of Lucifer. The Congregation of the Inquisition imposed silence on both parties, and decreed that the veneration of Lucifer should stand as it was. “

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