Andrea Bocelli is a world-famous opera singer known for his powerful voice and moving performances. But what many people may not know is that Bocelli’s life almost ended before it began!

When Bocelli’s mother was pregnant with him, doctors advised her to have an abortion due to complications with the pregnancy. However, she decided to carry the pregnancy to term, and Bocelli was born with congenital glaucoma, a condition that caused him to lose his sight completely.

Despite this setback, Bocelli refused to let his blindness hold him back. He began studying music at a young age and eventually became a renowned opera singer, known for his emotive performances of both classical and contemporary pieces.

Bocelli has become an inspiration to many, not only for his incredible talent but also for his resilience and determination. He has used his platform to advocate for disability rights and has been involved in various charitable causes throughout his career.

In 2011, Bocelli recounted the “little story” to The Telegraph. He said:

“The doctors advised her to abort the child.

They told her that would be the best solution because the child would doubtless be born with some kind of disability.

But the courageous young wife decided not to terminate the pregnancy, and the child was born.

The woman was my mother, I was the child.”

The story of Andrea Bocelli’s almost-abortion is a testament to the power of life and the potential for greatness that lies within each of us.

Bocelli’s life is proof that even when faced with adversity, we can overcome and achieve great things!

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