During his recent visit to Budapest, Pope Francis called for a renewed focus on family values and natality in Europe, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing human-centered policies over “ideological colonization.”

The Pope met with Hungarian President Katalin Novák and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán before delivering a powerful speech at a former Carmelite monastery.

He commended Hungary’s innovative approach to family-centered policies, such as the $33,000 bonus offered to married couples with three children. These efforts, according to Pope Francis, represent a vision for a united Europe that encourages the growth and uniqueness of each member nation.

However, the Pope did not shy away from addressing controversial topics. Speaking in the Hungarian capital, the Pope praised the nation’s efforts in implementing family-focused initiatives that have successfully boosted the country’s birth rate.

He expressed strong disapproval of abortion and gender ideology, referring to them as instances of “ideological colonization.” He also voiced concern over the growing influence of “self-referential populism” and “supranationalism” in Europe.

Pope Francis urged Europeans to adopt a mindset centered on human dignity and life, even in the face of divisive issues such as abortion, which is legal in Hungary up to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and permissible up to 24 weeks under certain conditions. Notably, a recent Hungarian decree requires women seeking an abortion to listen to the fetal heartbeat before making their decision.

Pray for the world to prioritize human-centered values and policies that foster unity and respect for life!

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