Bishop Helmut Dieser of Aachen in Germany said the Church teaching on sexuality is “under-complex.”

Dieser said the Church can no longer teach homosexual people should remain celibate.

“Homosexuality is – as science shows – not a glitch, not an illness, not an expression of a deficit, and by the way not a consequence either the original sin.”

Dieser also said that if two homosexual woman wanted a child baptized, he would do it.

“What’s the problem, I ask. Where’s the problem now? Hating people – that’s fundamentally against the gospel.”

He also explained the Church better be “a reminder of the basic understanding of democracy” with regards to the war in Ukraine.

“When a world power like Russia starts a war like this against a weaker neighbor, it initially makes diplomacy impossible.”

In June, an openly gay priest who was elected a Franciscan Superior in Germany said that the way Catholic sexual morality “has been officially taught up to now, it does not serve life. It has to change or evolve.”

Pray for the Catholic Church in Germany! 🙏

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